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Reviews for The Harte of Chiropractic

Dr-Harte-GardenWhat others say about our practice can help you make the right health care choice. Click here to view video testimonials from my happy patients.

Review a selection of The Harte of Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact our Marin County chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Be Well,

Dr. Don Harte



Man I miss having you around. This new guy I got is half decent but nowhere near as perfected in his technique. The adjustments feel ok but it’s not the same as seeing someone who understands the complexities and structural process of an adjustment schedule like you do. He’s just a back cracker really. This guy definitely cannot take me to the optimum level you were. Maybe you could send this dude some info on your techniques. “I have never felt so unleashed as I did after the short time I saw you. I really wish I could have finished out my scheduled plan. You really are a true master of your craft, sir.

“Anyway. I trust things are going good with your practice and hope more people are learning about TRUE chiropractic through your tutelage every day.”

- Travis  Fleenor, formerly Fairfax, now Michigan

Dr Harte is a master. His approach is old school gentle adjustments only where you’re out of alignment — and the relief is palatable. After every visit, I walk out feeling more ease, flexibility, balance and just plain surge of youth. I once had a sharp crippling back pain and he gently adjusted me over to the pain free side and it has not returned since. There is no bone he will not adjust, if it needs it.”


Lynn Hazeltine, Mill Valley

Sleeping better, feel better physically.”


Erika Schmidt-Peterson, Novato

At this time, I’m completely without pain, getting terrific sleep and an increase of a sense of well-being.”

- Jim Josephs, San Anselmo

I feel much more calm. My body feels lighter. Mentally more stable. Better balance and posture, Decreased headaches. No more popping jaw.”

- Jamie Jorski, Sausalito

Dr. Harte is highly educated and brilliant man. I’ve been seeing him for almost a year and through my daily activities I am amazed how privileged I am to have met him. People in general do not know what chiropractic care is and they don’t know how it works. My word is get Educated. I had bad Spine problem and I’m 150% better. I never met a person that is so personable. He is very good at what he does. Thank you again Dr. Harte.”

- Francine Kantz, Fairfax

Dr Harte has helped me tremendously…my neck and entire back and knees have improved beyond measure …could not turn, bend or kneel…in 2 months I can now do it all. Thank you Dr Harte”

- Bill Duane, Mill Valley

This is a whole new way of life. At age 79 seems a bit late, but, if I can make whatever time is left on the books for me as positive as I can, then it will be all worth it.

Just returned from a great weekend in Santa Cruz area with some long time friends. Drove both ways on the coast , and the views were spectacular. Told everyone of my new approach to a better way of living.

Al Farbstein, Novato

As a very new patient (2 days / 4 hours, 3 phone calls to the available doctor.) and though a skeptic and not clear of my own instincts,thought it is a little early to tell. However, WOW very impressed by The Harte-ful practice and Dr. Don Harte’s THOROUGHNESS, PASSION and knowledge. So far, his available educational materials and followup along the way stands out from the crowd. Yup. left with wow. Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks Dr. Harte!

- Diana J.

Chiropractic saved my back and overall well-being from the trauma of the car accident.

-Jeanine S.

I have had doubts about chiropractic in the past, mainly due to a lack of understanding. Dr. Harte was very detailed in his explanations and thorough in his approach. He also provided a wealth of materials and information to add further credence to what he practices. I felt very comfortable in joining up after all of the time he spent with me. And besides all of this it’s obvious that he really genuinely cares.

- Jonathan F

Dr. Harte has been my chiropractor since October 2014. During that time he has completely changed my entire physical life. I no longer have numbness in my hands. The horrible agonizing pain that was happening in my left heel and escalating daily is completely gone. I am off my Verapamil which I was taking for atrial fibrillation. I am off my thyroid medication for Hashimoto’s disease. I am off of my hormone creams for hot flashes that had gone on for 15 years of misery. All of those medications were tapered off under the supervision and with the approval of my medical doctor at Kaiser. I have gone to chiropractors since my mid-20s when I had been in a nasty automobile wreck. Dr. Harte is the first time that I believe I’ve had a really genuine chiropractor. You don’t have to wait for office hours either. He is an amazing, very dedicated man.”

– Susan Palm, San Anselmo

My energy level has increased with more stable emotions and breathing.”

– Bob Scalcione, Novato

Pain has subsided a lot. Able to think more clearly.”

– Francine Kantz, Fairfax

Better sleep. Better life.”

Cori Rapp, San Anselmo

Dr. Harte has given me hope beyond the MD community to regain my health”

Bob Langenhan, San Rafael

I am happier because I feel my life is getting better and better- physically, mentally and socially. I have a better attitude. I have better flexibility in my neck.”

- Claudia Giuliani, Mill Valley

Dr. Harte is very effective in recognizing the need of the body he is working on, and addressing it through adjustment. I have been going to him since September 2014, and have gotten off 2 prescriptions, and I am enjoying constantly improving health, and disappearance of several annoying ongoing problems that I had been living with for years.”

Susan Palm, San Anselmo

An overall sense of bodily peace and, therefore, mental and spiritual ease.”

Jim Murray, Larkspur

My hands shake less, are stronger and respond quickly as needed. Chiropractic has helped my recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.”

Walter Grevesmuhl, Belvedere

I am centered, physically and spiritually.”

- Michele Benjamin, San Francisco

It is keeping me in good health.”

- Vivian Podesta, Greenbrae

Chiropractic has helped me in every way… physically, mentally and socially. I am able to move around without pain, free from drugs.”

Thelma Clark, Inverness

Made me feel ‘lighter,” more flexible, not so stiff.”

- Janet Quinby, San Rafael

I have better posture and tolerance. I’m able to walk without my knees hurting. I laugh more.”

Luisa Urschel, Woodland

“Have noticed no night hot flashes, resulting in better and non-interrupted sleep.”

Joan LeSuer, San Francisco

Pain in neck, right shoulder much improved, elbow much better.”

Diane Duchesne, Fairfax

My disc ruptured between L3 and L4 at the end of May, 2014.  It seems this was the culmination of an accumulative injury originally caused by a spinal-twist injury, playing soccer 31 years before. At the time of my injury I believed myself to be fit – from age 48 through 58 I practiced yoga 7 days a week with a minimum of 2 hours a day, about 8000 hours.”The sciatic leg pain I experienced was horrific.  I wasn’t able to walk sit or lie down to sleep, I quickly graduated from Vicodin to Percocet.  I was advised by my pain doctor to get an MRI to help facilitate delivery of my first anti-inflammatory epidural shot.  I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and herniated disc. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of injection into my epidural sac.  I was fortunate in that from the age of 4 through 58 to have had no illness, sickness or accidents, my experience with medical or health care services was none, whatsoever.   I desperately needed help and through my doctor and pain doctor I set an appointment for the shot.

I received a call from a good friend the night before my injection, she recommended I try a chiropractic approach and recommended Dr. Harte in Corte Madera. I didn’t know what a chiropractor was, or what they did, nevertheless in the madness of the moment I realized I could postpone the injection and return to it if chiropractic adjustments didn’t help.

“I spoke to Dr. Harte by telephone that evening and went to his office the next day.   My initial adjustments were administered standing up, as I was unable to lie down.   At that time I was on the maximum dosage of Percocet.  With the adjustments a brightness flashed the room, tears jerked to my eyes, and a heaviness departed from my waist and hips – I knew at that moment it was right for me to pursue my healing through Dr. Harte.

“Three weeks later – at 2 adjustments a day, four days a week – I’d stopped taking all pain killers and was able to lie down to sleep.  Two months later I could walk short distances without my two walking canes, and had returned to part-time work.  At four months my kick-scooter and walking canes were retired and my injury continues to heal with my twice weekly adjustments. At Thanksgiving I went down to Big Sur to give thanks for the incredible and rapid return of my health.  January 1st 2015 I went to Disneyland and enjoyed all my favorite rides with a healthy back – Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Road, Star Tours, Mad hatter Teacups, oh, and of course the Tikki Tikki Room!   Dr. Harte thank you so much for your fabulous help and education with all things chiropractic!”

- Jeffrey Sutter, San Francisco

Have noticed no night hot flashes, resulting in better and non-interrupted sleep.”

Joan LeSuer, San Francisco

I am able to move without pain, work and enjoy my life with a better sense of wellbeing. My mind is clearer and I have so much more energy.”

Thelma Clark, Inverness

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The Harte of Chiropractic | (415) 460-6527

The Harte of Chiropractic provides authentic chiropractic care for Marin County, Corte Madera,
Mill Valley, Larkspur, Novato, Sausalito, San Rafael and San Anselmo families.

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  1. Rosemary Hamp says
    Jul 03, 2018 at 2:45 PM

    Hi Dr. Harte! I am writing from Perth in Western Australia and I find all your articles very interesting indeed. I wonder if you have had any experience of "Childhood Absence Epilepsy" as our grandson aged 8 has had this condition since his 7th birthday last year. He has had four months of brain calming at The Brain Centre here in Perth but this made no difference at all. Then he was put on one type of medication for four months which also did not help him. Now he is on a different medication (which none of our family want him to take) but this too is not helping him. Is there any way that Chiropractic treatment could help him? I look forward very much to hearing from you. With kind regards, Rosemary Hamp.

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