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“Bone-on-Bone” Hips and Knees Care at
The Harte of Chiropractic

Man holding knee

So many medical pronouncements, when The Doctor gives you The Report, are considered ABSOLUTE and SCIENTIFIC. In most cases, not so!

You go the orthopedist for your painful, stiff knee or hip, he’ll do an MRI. (X-rays are too simple and cheap.) You will get the same answer as everyone… “It’s bone-on-bone.” You’ll have to have a joint replacement.” What a crock!”

I can’t tell you how many surgeons I’ve cheated out of business! Unless your joint (hip or knee) is totally fused, or badly broken, you can heal. How? You come to me, a straight chiropractor. I will restore nerve supply to your hip, knee, leg, from your lumbar spine, and the coordination, thereof, from the upper neck. (The orthopedist will never even think about this… simple minds.) I will check and adjust, when necessary, that joint, and joints above and below. It is rarely just where you feel the problem.

Feel Better Today

Joint replacement surgery does not address Cause. And it is not without risk. Anesthesia reaction, infection (osteomyelitis), the new fake joint not working properly, or the wrong size. And when it wears out or breaks years from now, when you’re older… Correct the cause through chiropractic care. Along the way, your health will improve, usually dramatically.


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