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Back Pain Care at The Harte of Chiropractic

Pain of any kind is a signal that something’s amiss, except maybe the short-term pain of too hard a work-out. Some people silence or dull their symptoms with a pain reliever and ignore the message. But that would be like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector!

Woman with sore backThe Common Approach

When most people get back pain, it’s not the first time… usually far from the first time. Most people begin with an over-the-counter remedy like Advil, Tylenol or Aleve. Then, they start taking more, more often. When that doesn’t work, you see your primary care provider, who might prescribe an anti-inflammatory like Celebrex or Naprosyn, or an anti-depressant like Cymbalta. Come back again, and he or she may refer you to the orthopedist, who may order an CT scan, or an MRI, or both, give you a fancier diagnosis, and prescribe some new drugs. When that doesn’t work, you will have the discussion with him or her, about whether you are “a good candidate for surgery.”

Back surgery is always dangerous, and often results in increased pain and disability. It always results in more serious Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), some of which will be permanent. Even when the surgery appears to have “worked” (pain relief), the VSC remains, the problem remains, leaving you at risk for Subluxation Degeneration, dis-ease, and actual disease, from annoying to life-threatening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do prescription drugs heal?

No. Never.

Are any of these drugs, or the over-the-counter drugs, safe?


I tried chiropractic, but it didn’t work. Why is that?

Chances are you went to an allopathic, or medically-oriented chiropractor, who thought that his or her job was to “treat” your pain. Adjustments might have been crude, maybe so crude as to really be manipulations. Probably no real exam, no re-exams, no nerve scans, no X-rays, no plan of care. And because there was no clear understanding of the Chiropractic Principle, they tried everything in the (medical) book, from ice, to plain glop, to electrical stimulation, to cold laser, to disk decompresssion tables. Here, you get the real thing, the true Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic.

The Real Chiropractic Approach

Gentle, scientific, specific chiropractic adjustments deals with CAUSE. Back pain is not treated here. Nothing is treated here. The intention is to correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), allowing your body to heal. Your spine will function better when subluxations are corrected. Pain relief is just a nice side effect. So, what do you get? Not merely pain relief… you get healthy.

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