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Auto Injury Care at The Harte of Chiropractic

Man with sore neckIt started with a routine trip to the store. Suddenly you hear a screeching of tires and the harsh sound of metal hitting metal. In the split second before you can brace yourself, you feel your car moving from some unseen force!

Afterwards, unless there is immediate, severe pain and/or serious damage to your vehicle, you might tend to minimize their injuries from auto accidents. But virtually every car accident beyond a “kissing of bumpers” in a parking lot involves several thousand pounds of force acting upon your neck in milliseconds (thousandths of a second). Massive subluxation is sure to occur. This may result in immediate pain, or days, or even several months later… or not. Even auto accidents that you have had 5, 10, 20 years ago count. In fact, they count even more, because Subluxation Degeneration has had a chance to develop.

In general, the worst clinical situations result from rear-enders (5, 6, 7 miles per hour is enough), or “spins.”

The degree of damage to your vehicle is not necessarily proportional to the damage to your spine and nervous system.

The Medical Solution

Beyond fixing broken bones and lacerations, what can medical treatment really do for you? Nothing. Drugs, be they anti-inflammatories, pain killers or muscle relaxants only cover up the symptoms, while you get side effects. Their testing reveals nothing about subluxation. Their treatment does nothing for Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).

We Can Help

Generally, massive Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) happens with auto accidents. The effect is worse if there have been one or more previous accidents. Only a chiropractor can deal with these subluxations.

What happens here? You don’t wait for six hours to get a five minute quickie exam, like in the Emergency Room. Here, we begin with a consultation, a chiropractic examination, two kinds of neurological scans, and X-Rays. Then, we go from there.

What do I do for you? You’ve gotten massively subluxated from the auto accident, which is added to what you’ve already had. So, I adjust you, over a period of time, to correct your Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).

If you’ve been in a car accident, give The Harte of Chiropractic a call.


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