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Headaches and Migraine Care at
The Harte of Chiropractic

Headaches are common, but they’re not normal.

The Drug Culture

Older couple smilingPain relievers of various types are the most common approach to headaches. Is a deficiency of Advil or Tylenol the cause of your headaches?

The Medical Approach to Headaches, including Migraines

When headaches, especially migraines and cluster headaches, become debilitating, often after years of taking over-the-counter drugs, people go to their primary care doctor. He or she will prescribe stronger drugs. When that doesn’t work, or the side effects get out of hand, you might be sent off to the neurologist. (In my opinion, the neurologist is THE most useless of all the medical specialists. I always maintained that if a neurologist understood neurology, they would go back to school to become a chiropractor.

The neurologist might order an MRI. If there’s a brain tumor, well, that’s not a good thing. (Unlikely if you’ve had your problem for many years.)If you don’t have a brain tumor, the neurologist has no idea what to do, except give you a new prescription.

Chiropractic Common Sense

The medical doctors, including the fancy specialists, have not figured out that the head is attached to the neck. Even the neurologist has a relatively poor understanding that the nervous system… the brain, the cord, the nerves, and all of their coverings (the meninges) are, essentially, one piece. The central nervous system has the consistency of Jello… really easy to deform. Plus, the blood supply to the back half of the head runs right through the cervical (neck) vertebrae, and the blood supply to the front of the head runs through the muscles of the neck, supplied by the nerves of the neck, and that blood supply is supplied by those same muscles. Plus, that blood supply is effected by the metabolism in general, which is run by the nervous system.

So, instead of treating the headaches by covering up the pain, or by chemically playing with the blood supply to the head, Chiropractic seeks to correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), allowing the body, including your head, to function more normally.[/tab]

Patient Testimonials

“Less migraines. Overall, happier.”

- Christine S., Tiburon

“I can read better. No reading glasses! I’ve stopped taking stomach medication. My sinuses are better, less headaches. I’m not in constant pain anymore in my back, neck, hips, legs, etc.”

- Lorena S.C., Mill Valley

“After the first week of adjustments, I woke up with no migraines, no vomiting. I felt wonderful all day!”

- Jeannelle W., Mill Valley

“I no longer need surgery. My migraines have been reduced, and my TMJ (my jaw) no longer hurts, and I can finally get a good night’s sleep. Thanks, Dr. Harte!”

- Sandra W., Sausalito

Nancy describes how Dr. Harte helped change her life.
No more meds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter whether I have a tension headache, or cluster, or migraine, or temporal arteritis?

No. And if your diagnosis is wrong, which is common, it doesn’t matter, anyway.

What if headaches run in my family?

So? You can’t change your genes, but you can change the expression of those genes.

My migraines are really bad, including auras, and vomiting. Can Chiropractic help me?


My doctor said my headaches were from PMS/perimenopause/menopause/depression/anxiety. What can you do?

Since, as a straight chiropractor, I don’t treat any of those things, including headache, it doesn’t matter. I correct interference to your body functioning properly, and let your Innate Intelligence do what needs to be done. Your doctor blaming you doesn’t help you, does it?


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