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Ethics, Quality and Chiropractic

Shouldn’t you expect the highest level of ethical behavior from anyone to whom you entrust your health? How often do you get it?

Man and woman shaking handsWhen you go to The Doctor, don’t you think that their recommendations are skewed one way (as opposed to what’s best for you), by what will be covered by your insurance plan, and another way (as opposed to what’s best for you), by which pharmaceutical company sent the sexiest sales representative or offered the best vacation to Tahiti, or box seats at the 49’ers, if “x” number of their prescriptions were written?

Do you ever wonder about how their more expensive procedures are sold, backed by alleged scientific testing? When a cardiac procedure is sold, why are the coronary arteries always “90% blocked”…never 67%…never 98%…always 90% blocked? Why, when knees and hips are evaluated for replacement surgery, the test always comes back “bone on bone?” How can you trust tests, and the people who do the tests and interpret those tests, when the results are obviously untrue? Time to re-evaluate. Time to demand real science, and time to expect ethical behavior.

Science and Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical companies? Do you expect the fruits of Science to bring new “advances,” new cures? Under the reign of Big Pharma, their “science” has become a marketing tool. Gross manipulation of drug testing is rampant. (Read The Truth About the Drug Companies, by Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine.) You will be astounded. (You might also read Powerful Medicines, by Jerry Avorn, M.D, and Overdosed America by John Abramson, M.D.) Lest you think that the FDA properly protects you, the public, forget it.

Contrary to popular belief, the FDA does no testing on its own. It merely evaluates the data given it by the drug companies who wish to sell their drugs. Personnel tends to go back and forth between the FDA and the drug companies, so everyone, on both sides, is nice and friendly. OK, enough on the medical folks. On to chiropractors…

Ethics in Chiropractic

What’s wrong with the ethics of a lot of chiropractors, especially in Marin? Plenty, I am sorry to say. The chief problem their failure to present the truth, straight up, about what Chiropractic is, and what it is not. The public perception of what Chiropractic is…is way off the mark.

Chiropractic is neither a third-rate medical therapy, nor any kind of New Age or alternative or complementary treatment for back and neck pain. Chiropractic is what it is, founded by Dr. D.D. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa on September 18th, 1895, and developed by his son, Dr. B.J. Palmer*… the detection and analysis of Vertebral Subluxation, and its removal by the chiropractic adjustment, allowing a fuller expression of Innate Intelligence…nothing more, nothing less.

Heart with handsSome years ago, I was attacked by the Board for telling the real Chiropractic Story, instead of pushing and promoting the fake treat-the-back pain story that many of my colleagues do. Instead of backing down, I decided, at great risk to myself, that my profession, and your health, was non-negotiable.

So, I fought back. I brought the World Chiropractic Alliance into the fight. Because of these efforts, Board members were replaced, and key staff members were fired or “retired.” This is how I became known, within the profession, as “The Chiropractic Avenger,” and how I was awarded the honor of “Chiropractor of the Year” in 2006 by the World Chiropractic Alliance.

Holding High Standards

It’s the ethical duty of a chiropractor to hold the highest clinical standards. Oddly, even though it is my belief, the above statement has never been the concern of the chiropractic Board. The absolute minimum, to evaluate a new case is the use of X-Ray*, to see the misalignment component of the Vertebral Subluxation, and the use of the Subluxation Station, to see the physiological portion of the Vertebral Subluxation… the functioning, or lack thereof, of two parts of the nervous system.

Besides this, a proper and thorough history, physical examination and analysis of your Vertebral Subluxation is performed here, as well as an overall, personalized clinical plan, and periodic Progressive Exams to monitor your progress. Adjustments are my own combination of sophisticated techniques, specific and scientific. My main technique is Directional Non-Force Technique. “I will help you.”

Give our Marin County chiropractic office a call today to learn more about how Chiropractic can change your life.

* Dr. B. J. Palmer, the “Developer of Chiropractic,” son of the inventor, Dr. D. D. Palmer, imported (from Germany) the fifth X-ray unit into the United States, the first west of the Mississippi. He also invented the electroneuromentipalograph, to monitor and measure the “mental impulse” of Innate Intelligence. This device was a predecessor to the EEG, the electroencephalograph


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