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Dr Harte is a master. His approach is old school gentle adjustments only where you’re out of alignment — and the relief is palatable. After every visit, I walk out feeling more ease, flexibility, balance and just plain surge of youth. I once had a sharp crippling back pain and he gently adjusted me over to the pain free side and it has not returned since. There is no bone he will not adjust, if it needs it.”


-Lynn Hazeltine, Mill Valley

Sleeping better, feel better physically.”


- Erika Schmidt-Peterson, Novato

At this time, I’m completely without pain, getting terrific sleep and an increase of a sense of well-being.”

- Jim Josephs, San Anselmo

I feel much more calm. My body feels lighter. Mentally more stable. Better balance and posture, Decreased headaches. No more popping jaw.”

- Jamie Jorski, Sausalito

Dr. Harte is highly educated and brilliant man. I’ve been seeing him for almost a year and through my daily activities I am amazed how privileged I am to have met him. People in general do not know what chiropractic care is and they don’t know how it works. My word is get Educated. I had bad Spine problem and I’m 150% better. I never met a person that is so personable. He is very good at what he does. Thank you again Dr. Harte.”

- Francine Kantz, Fairfax

My energy level has increased with more stable emotions and breathing.”

- Bob Scalcione, Novato

An overall sense of bodily peace and, therefore, mental and spiritual ease.”

- Jim Murray, Larkspur

Dr. Harte has given me hope beyond the MD community to regain my health”

- Bob Langenhan, San Rafael

Dr. Harte helped my mother and I immensely! I came in with a back injury, from a horse accident when I was a child. I had difficulty standing and sitting (without back support) for long periods of time. After my first few sessions I already saw improvement! Now, after about 3 months all my pain had vanished and I finally feel normal again.
My mom also had a series of back and neck issues that made it difficult for her to go about her everyday activities. She been through pain management, pain meds and had multiply surgeries. Dr. Harte’s work is the only thing that relieved the tension and numbness in her back, neck and limbs. He is professional and pricey but he’s worth it.”

-Hailey Gerrans, San Anselmo

He’s the most sensible and enlightened chiropractor I’ve ever known. His results are sometimes instant, but improvement overall is my experience – this after years of cortisone shots in my lower spine and that area only one of many being addressed by Dr. Harte. I’m sleeping better and have more energy and less pain. His take on Vertical Subluxation makes sense, as does his no opiods or drugs approach. DO read his materials and think for yourself – the mind is a powerful tool.”

- Louise Bilter, Lafayette

I have been seeing Dr. Harte for over 25 years since first moving to California in 1995. I was in a tremendous amount of pain after years of high school football, college lacrosse and working as a carpenter. I had been to several orthopedic doctors and surgeons, had several MRIs, xrays and other tests. Been drugged in the ER several times with anti-spasmodic injections that made me feel awful. One day I went to the Marin County Fair, and met Dr. Harte. He had a booth where he was giving free exams. So he checked out my spine and said “you should come in for xrays”. I decided what the heck, what did I have to lose? I even brought my MRIs and xrays I had accumulated over the years. Dr. Harte took his own xrays, reviewed all my material and said “your back is fine! You are just subluxated!”. Uh, what?
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So I started going to him a few times a week. After about a month, I felt like a new man. My back pain literally disappeared. He also adjusted my jaw which was dislocated from years of teeth grinding, adjusted my wrist which was painful from carpel tunnel syndrome, my knees, my feet, and my elbows. I couldn’t believe how drastic the change was. 25 years later, I still go to Dr. Harte regularly. I live in Berkeley and tried for a few years to find a chiropractor who was closer to home, but gave up after a while. His chiropractic approach (which I like to dub “The Harte Method”) is very unique, very effective and painless. He spends more time with you than most chiropractors, and, more importantly, never turns anyone away. Most chiropractors require appointments days in advance. He has an open door policy and truly loves his work. Since my first session 25 years ago, I’ve engaged in extreme sports (big wall climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking etc.) and have endured some pretty horrific injuries. Dr. Harte has always kept me “in the game” so to speak. I’m about to turn 50 and still doing the things that I love to do. I rarely if ever go to a medical doctor. I like to thing its just luck and my good genes. But something tells me Dr. Harte has had something to do with it.”

- George Schevon, Berkeley

A lifetime of dealing with acute back pain and not gaining any ground after going through all the “experts” services including an X-stop implant, I decided to see Dr. Harte as my last hope. It has been three years now and I can tell you that I have never felt better. I’ve lost 25 pounds, cut my blood pressure pills in half, and regained my normal posture. Dr. Harte is very caring about his patients. His methods address the spine as the health of the whole person. I used to be in my doctor’s office about 15 times a year for various issues, now I see him once a year for a physical.

He says I’m in the best shape that he can remember. All my blood tests are normal.. I will see Dr. Harte for the rest of my days.”

- Al Farbstein, San Rafael

As a 20 year practice member, I cannot speak more highly about Dr. Harte’s adjustment skills and techniques, his anatomical knowledge, and his superb psychological insight. All would benefit from becoming a practice member at his office!”

- Clay Jackson, Novato

Amazing person…amazing work. Dr. Harte is like no other! Thank you for giving me relief but most of all….hope for a healthy life.”

- April Fletcher, Vacaville

I’ve had multiple back surgeries, the last one two years ago which included fusion at L5/S1. Around last October the sciatica the ortho said would be fixed was worse than before the surgery. I’d seen Dr Harte’s ads in the IJ many times, I’ve lived in Marin county for almost 20 years, but always figured chiropractic could not help people who have had fusion. But this time the ad was different or at least different from what I remembered. This time it said to not give up on chiropractic just because we’ve had surgery. I called and have not regretted it. I’ve experienced more relief over the last 9 months than I thought possible. It’s not just the sciatica that is a lot more bearable. The neck pain and agonizing back pain are more manageable, sleep is better. Quality of life is much better overall. I began with the intensive adjustment/examination schedule the previous reviewer described and am now down to two adjustments per week and we hope later this year to get down to one per week. The experience is nothing like the one star review. ‘That stuff is mostly nonsense.”

- Michael Deutch

I was rear ended on 2/25/19. I ended up with a severe concussion— and still dealing with severe post concussion syndrome. I went to a chiropractor I knew and thought could help… I was mistaken. He would adjust me…. but wouldn’t address my skull or neck issues and wouldn’t look past my torso…I was recommended to Dr. Harte, as it was now ~3 months that I’d had a massive headache and couldn’t walk much without being exhausted. My brain hurt. Literally. I was getting really depressed and feeling like maybe I wouldn’t get better… then I started with Dr. H. With one adjustment…. I felt half my brain fog leave. I could breathe better… didn’t even know that had been an issue. I am amazed how such concentrated soft touch really adjusts what is needed.
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Dr. Harte sincerely cares about each individual patient… passionately… it shows in his work. He listens to you when you talk. Other chiros have told me what I need rather than listen to what I’m dealing with….and responding… I am grateful for his work and insight to the whole body.. not just the anatomy of the spine. It is all interconnected. I highly recommend his work. This guy knows his stuff and can help you.”

- Anne-Marie Soltero, Richmond

Dr. Harte is more knowledgeable about the CNS, soft tissue damage and pain of subluxations than any doctor I have ever met – & he’s more passionate, devoted and determined about your healing and health than any as well. Believe you me, I have met several since being the recipient of the rear ending by people who do not believe red lights or their backup mirrors. As far as the ridiculous claims of the person posing “hokey” scans, etc., she is certainly welcome to go back to whatever physician she came from, get her opioids and now get healed & “Manage” her health without resolution as the drug dealers of Wall Street like. I have never received any painful adjustment from Dr. Harte and certainly haven’t received the snap, crackle, POP!
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like I did from other chiropractors, or the painful injections from doctors of Osteopathy. I’m reminded of the joke: Dr., Dr., it hurts when I do this (wagging finger)! Dr. says, don’t do that! It’s still a Free Country,;why this individual would return repeatedly and then try to kick sand at Dr. Harte and claim pain is silly. I think they doth protest, too much!”

- C. List, San Rafael

I have been going to Dr Harte’s office for about 4 months, and am very satisfied with my decision. I came to him on the first time to seek “cure” for a very annoying shoulder pain. I received a comprehensive diagnostic of my spine and nervous system and committed to a 3-month healing program. I have a certain number of visits to make to his office each week and the schedule is flexible – he works on a walk in basis, which is extremely convenient. Each visit lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, and Dr Harte himself gives me between 3 and 5 adjustments to my spine each time. The adjustments are subtle and gentle on the most part, and every single time I went there I have left with a very pleasant sense of well being afterwards. Dr Harte’s office is a relaxed and fun environment, and he has always received me with a genuine welcoming smile and treated me with attention and respectfully.
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The bulk of my program has gone already and I am now entering the Welness stage. We made interim progress evaluations. I have gained substantial flexibility in my neck and spine. My posture has gotten more upright. I have been sleeping like a baby, and my mood in general is more positive and stable. My overall well being has improved. Needless to say, the annoyance of the shoulder pain has gone as well.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr Harte to anyone seeking an overall increase in well being.”

- Alex Fontes, Corte Madera

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