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Meet Dr. Don Harte

Med School Refugee Becomes Straight Chiropractor

Chiropractor Marin County Dr. Don Harte

I wanted to be a medical doctor since I was seven or eight years old.

Just beginning college pre-med, I was working as a hospital orderly, and I hurt my back, badly. I went to the orthopedist, who was my hero. (I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.) He prescribed very strong pain-killers, and told me that I’d be back when I was 30 or 40 for a total lumbar fusion. I went through my four years of college and the first two years of med school with episodes of back pain. Home for the summer after my second year, at the age of 23, my back just about exploded. Terrible pain, going down both legs, bent over, even losing control of my bladder. I knew that it was surgery time, but then I read that statistics on spinal fusion. The results seemed worse that what I already had.

I was taking folk guitar lessons. My instructor suggested that I see a chiropractor. I said “Are you kidding? Chiropractors are a bunch of quacks. I’m a medical student.” He told me that he goes, and he brings his wife and his kids. I told him “But you’re an artist. You’re supposed to be strange.” Finally, he got me to go. My chiropractor did the most thorough exam that I ever had in my life, X-rayed me, and told me about what Chiropractic was, and how it worked. I was still thinking that this was witchcraft, but I let him adjust me. Well, I stood up straight and pain-free for the first time in months. Other health problems vanished in short order. I forgot about med school, and went off to chiropractic college. I graduated in 1980, and opened my practice in 1981.

The Harte of Chiropractic Difference

Chiropractor Marin County Dr. HarteOver three decades have passed since I began serving Marin and the Greater Bay Area. Each year, I see the expected outcome (not “miracles”) of authentic Chiropractic…Health. Under medical care, what is wrongly referred to as “health care,” people have problems, illnesses, conditions which are maintained, and gradually get worse. What I see in my office is a whole different universe…people who have suffered for years, whether it be migraines or diabetes or asthma or constipation or chronic fatigue, actually get better. Many are able to cut down on their medications, even dump them entirely. I see kids growing up healthy… physically, mentally and socially. I see older folks seemingly get younger, enjoying life more than they had in years!

Did I cure any of this? No. I don’t cure anything. I correct interference, allowing your own body, your own Innate Intelligence, to do the magic. EVERYONE, no matter what their age or condition, is better off with less nerve interference. Therefore, EVERYONE is better off under regular, wellness chiropractic care.

Chiropractor Marin County Dr. Don HarteAs a chiropractic activist, I was honored by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) as “Chiropractor of the Year” in 2006. I am have been on the Boards of the WCA and the Council on Chiropractic Practice. I have testified before the Marin Board of Supervisors and the Health Committees of the California Assembly and Senate. I have written for Omni Magazine, Chiropractic Journal, Marin IJ, and San Francisco Chronicle. I’ve been a speaker at Sherman and Life West Chiropractic Colleges. I have developed my own chiropractic technique, incorporating tonal, structural and postural techniques, including the cranial bones and the TMJ (jaw) and the coccyx (tailbone), areas that most chiropractors don’t even look at, area that do effect the nervous system. The main part of all this is Directional Non-Force Technique. It includes adjustment, when indicated, of spinal disks and extremities (shoulders, knees, hips, etc.).

On a Personal Note…

Chiropractor Marin County Dr. Don HarteI married my wife, Carole, in 1978. I met her when she was running her brother’s health food store, back when health food stores were little “mom and pop” operations. Carole was saved from a lifetime of asthma by Chiropractic. Our son, Abraham, was born in 1984. Of course, he was checked and adjusted at five minutes old. He smiled. He grew up with no vaccines, no drugs. The rare times he felt a little sick, he said “Daddy, adjust me please.” Then, in 15, 20 minutes, he was okay. Expressing Life at its fullest, Abraham dropped out of the sixth grade and entered the College of Marin when he was 11. He got his PhD in theoretical physics at Penn State when he was 22. Now, at 28, he is a physicist at the Albert Einstein Institute in Germany.

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If you’re really scared, if you’re in horrible pain, or “living with” one or several chronic diseases… even if you’re facing some very risky surgery, I understand. If you think you’re skeptical, if you think that Chiropractic is a joke, I’ve been there, too! (If you are checking this out to improve your health, on a wellness basis, you are to be honored!) So, come along with me. Call our Marin County chiropractic office.

 “Nothing that results from human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. Those that are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of the others.”  

Christopher Columbus

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