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About The Harte of Chiropractic

Chiropractor Marin County About UsDr. Don Harte has been delivering scientific chiropractic care, with passion, to Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area since 1981.

What Makes The Harte of Chiropractic Unique?

In a sea of chiropractors who are medical wannabees, I offer you something very special…authentic chiropractic. (I left med school to do this!) I do not wear a white coat. I do not do any physical medicine or alternative medicine add-ons. I do not manipulate. I adjust. (There’s a world of difference between the two.) I understand that your inborn wisdom, your Innate Intelligence, that runs your body from conception to death, is more intelligent that all of the medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. in the world put together. So, there is no need to add anything to “perfect.” Through gentle, specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, I correct interference to your full expression of your Innate Intelligence, and I get out of the way!

How Authentic Chiropractic Can Help You

Your chiropractic evaluation is centered upon the detection and analysis of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), interference to your master system, your nerve system. This includes spinal X-rays, to see the “out-of-place,” and two types of nerve scans, to see the physiology, the function of your nerve system. My main chiropractic technique is Directional Non-Force Technique, which allows me to adjust spinal disks, the TMJ (jaw) and extremities (knees, hips, shoulders, etc.) as well as the spine. Other techniques I use? Upper Cervical Specific, Logan, Applied Kinesiology and Columbia.

Sound interesting? Please contact our office to make that critical first chiropractic appointment. Call our Marin County chiropractic office to see if chiropractic is right for you, and if you qualify to be a Member of this practice.

Help others while you help yourself. I have an ongoing program to help two great chiropractic children’s centers, who help physically and mentally handicapped children. Ask me how this program works. (And you can ask me what chiropractic has to do with physically and mentally handicapped kids.)
Chiropractor Marin County Oaklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center
Chiropractor Marin County  Kentuckiana Children's Center


The Harte of Chiropractic Philosophy

adio imageWe have no patients here. The word “patient” is derived from the Latin verb “patior,” which means “to suffer.” Here, you become a Practice Member, part of one, big, extended family, talking chiropractic to everyone you know, so that more people in this community will have the opportunity to express more Life. This results in healthier, better people, making this a better place to live. With other like-minded, authentic chiropractor across the globe, we become part of the big vision of chiropractic. Better people? Better world. Eventually this will impact as an unfolding of the genetic potential of the human species! This is big!


The Harte of Chiropractic | (415) 460-6527

The Harte of Chiropractic provides authentic chiropractic care for Marin County, Corte Madera,
Mill Valley, Larkspur, Novato, Sausalito, San Rafael and San Anselmo families.