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We Help You With Your Depression and Anxiety
at The Harte of Chiropractic

Woman with hands on headYou’ve been told a medical fairy tale… that your problems stem from a “biochemical imbalance.” Really? Have YOU been tested for such an imbalance? No, it’s just assumed. The whole theory is assumed. This whole story is there to sell drugs… dangerous, ineffective drugs.

Any emotional, social, behavioral, psychiatric issue that you might have is, of course, in your brain. Your brain is a sensitive structure… sensitive to both physical stress, and metabolic imbalance.

Your brain does not exist by itself, in a box… the skull. It is contiguous with the cord and the nerves. Any torsion, from anywhere in the spine, can effect the brain. Also, any metabolic imbalance in the body (high or low blood sugar, high or low thyroid, other hormonal imbalances) can effect the brain.

Medical Intervention

The traditional intervention was psychotherapy… talk therapy. Some people had some success. of course, there is the standard joke:

Q: How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Only one, but the light bulb needs to want to change.

For about the last 25 years, every mental problem is treated with some serious psychotropic drugs, usually playing with the neurotransmitters… serious stuff! Then, to add to the medical business and influence, common challenges in normal human existence… grief, occasional disappointment or sadness, teenage adjustments, normal hormonal changes… are labeled and treated as pathological.

Have these serious chemical interventions helped? You can ignore all of the TV episodes about people doing crazy things “off their meds.” In reality, the meds seem to make people do crazy things. this varies from a lot of the emotional flatness (goes with the facial flatness of too much Botox) so common in Marin, to suicide, and the homicidal rages that we have seen in the many school shootings. Virtually every one of the school shooters were taking legally prescribed psychotropic drugs.

Another Way?

Back in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, there were chiropractic sanitoriums, where psychotic people were sent. instead of the crude and barbaric medical treatments, people were adjusted, their nervous systems allowed to normalize. instead of the very, very few ever emerging from the medical facilities, 63% came out of the chiropractic facilities as functional.

Is this a miracle? No, it is the process of natural law. Correct interference to the brain and the nervous system, adjust the spine, reducing Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), and the brain, including the mind within it, will have the opportunity to heal.

I’ve had many, many people over the years come back from many an emotional brink, many of them being able to decrease or totally stop their medications.

Even amongst so-called “normal” people, THE most commonly reported effect of chiropractic care here is an “improved sense of well-being.”

Woman drinking coffeePatient Testimonials

“I feel better emotionally… more stable. My digestive system seems to be a little better also.”
– Karen M., Berkeley

“Much less depression. I feel very happy and at peace in body, mind and soul.”
– Ted M., Novato

“I am no longer suffering from depression. I feel like a new person.”
– Ashley R., San Rafael

“I feel great, and my emotions are stable, allowing me to feel joyful and happy, and in better health.”
– Addy M., Petaluma

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