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Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Help For Serious Neck Pain

Dr. Don Harte, Marin County Chiropractor

Let me tell you a secret. I know that you want, so badly, to trust your orthopedist.
You think that he or she really knows what’s going on and what the best course of action is for you.
So how come you’re still in pain, still on drugs, still threatened with surgery, or worse, more surgery?

Marin County Chiropractor, Dr. Don Harte

Marin County Chiropractor, Dr. Don Harte

Do You Struggle With Chronic Pain?

Medicine has trained you to seek “fast, fast relief.” They recommended Advil or Aleve. Then they prescribed more powerful anti-inflammatories like Celebrex. Steroid injections follow. Then surgery, and on to addictive, dangerous opioids like Oxycontin and Fentenyl. This is no way to live! Maybe it’s time to consider that these so-called specialists are not the kind of doctors to entrust with your health.

Stop and think about it. Isn’t it weird that all of the treatment you’ve gotten is designed to shut down your pain response, instead of fixing the problem?

Surgery Causes New Problems

Orthopedic surgery does make believe that its intent is to fix the problem. Except that it doesn’t work, and it creates new problems. These new problems commonly lead to more surgery, each time subjecting you to more physical trauma, risks of infection, increased periods of disability, and chemical stress to the brain from repeated general anesthesia.

What If There Was A Completely Different Option?

If you have chronic neck pain, you have serious problems with your spine, which always interfere with the normal functioning of your nervous system. This can cause your pain.

What your doctor doesn’t tell you is that these spinal problems, that sometimes cause pain, always cause diminished health. If your brain is telling your heart, your bladder, your pancreas, your stomach, your immune system what to do, and there’s interference from spinal injuries, how can these organs and systems function properly? Once interference is corrected, and normal communication restored, your body can function at an optimal level.

I am offering you, now, what is truly “health care.” Rather than covering up that pain, what I do here for you is correct this interference, safely allowing your body to heal.

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I used to think that chronic lower back pain and occasional headaches were just a way of life, but I feel better now than I did when I was 18.
Danielle Lawson, San Anselmo

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