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Improved Test Results

I just received the results of my yearly CBC and cholesterol tests. Triglycerides were down 75% to 42, and cholesterol down about 30% to 146. My physician said that the results looked like those of a 12 year old (I’m 43).

For years, my cholesterol always hovered around 200. I’ve always eaten well, exercised and taken heart-healthy supplements including fish oil. I’m trying to normalize all factors in my life, and can only conclude that the chiropractic care you have provided me with since 2006 has had some sort of positive effect.

In addition to improved mental clarity and a feeling of general well-being, your care may have radically reduced my chances for heart disease. My two daughters under your care also seem to have improved mentally and physically since last year. It kind of seemed expensive at first, but every dollar has been worth it.
Dan P., Mill Valley

Improved Energy and Clarity

Improved energy and mental clarity has made me able to take on a writing project. First time I have been able to work in years!
Arleta Q., San Rafael

Feeling Positive

I have felt great improvement in all these areas (energy, sleep, emotional stability, clarity, enthusiasm, relationships, sports, balance, breathing, circulation, digestion, sense of well-being). I feel very positive and hopeful for a brighter future.
Lisa L., Larkspur

Less Pain

Finally, the left leg is less painful. The idea that I can get rid of the pain without drugs and improve everything, especially the immune system… amazing!
Athene T., San Rafael

Feeling In Control

I definitely feel more balanced, and have an improved sense of overall well-being, as well as feeling more mentally stable and in control.
Brian C., Novato

I Feel Better

I can see better, no more reading glasses! I’ve stopped taking stomach medication. I have fewer, less severe headaches and migraines. I’m no longer in constant pain in my neck, back, hips, legs, etc. My depression and anxiety are easier to control. I recover from illnesses and injuries much quicker. I have better mental clarity. My memory is better. I like myself better because I feel better. my sinuses feel better than they have in 10 years!
Lorena S., Mill Valley

Walk in Comfort

Since being adjusted by Dr. Harte, the clarity of my brain has improved. I have experienced a feeling of renewal. I find that my senses are sharper and I enjoy a general sense of well-being. I consulted Dr. Harte because of the discomfort of my feet when walking. I now walk in comfort and truly enjoy the many extra benefits of Dr. Harte’s adjustments.
Ellen S., Larkspur

Much Better Overall

No (heart) fibrillation for five months! Physically better, and mentally about 96% better. I do feel much, much better overall.
Hermila G., San Rafael

Thrilled with Results

I have been going to traditional doctors for years, trying to alleviate leg pain and numbness in my foot. I went to physical therapy, had spinal injections, and took medication. Nothing helped. I couldn’t sleep through the night, as I’d wake up in severe pain. I thought that my condition was chronic, but then I ran across Dr. Harte’s flyer and decided to go see him. Since seeing Dr. Harte, my leg pain is gone, numbness in my foot is dissipating and I can sleep through the night without ANY pain. I am so thrilled that I went to him. He’s the best. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.
Grace M., Corte Madera


I have been an allergy sufferer all my life. Every Spring I have needed drugs to help alleviate the misery of hay fever, but they never worked completely. Now, thanks to the chiropractic care I have gone through an entire season with no symptoms, no drugs. Thanks to chiropractic care I am allergy-free!
Mark F., San Francisco

No Migraines

After the first week of chiropractic adjustments, I woke up with no migraines, no vomiting. I felt wonderful all day!
Jeannelle W., Mill Valley

Life is Good!

After my third chiropractic adjustment, quite dramatically, the hearing in my previously deaf ear came back, nearly entirely. I take no medications and I have dodged further surgical knives. Life is good!
Coach D., Novato

Talented Health Care Professional

I do not assault my body with harmful drugs. Even so, I could not possibly have been as well, as happy, as productive without Dr. Harte’s Chiropractic Wellness Care, and I am deeply appreciative of all that he has contributed to my health and well-being. He is deeply caring, diagnostically astute, and a very talented health care professional.
Rose T., Mill Valley


Within six months, I was pain free. But some other miraculous things happened along the way. I used to have two or three colds a year. I have not had a single cold in three years (since coming to Dr. Harte). I used to have trouble sleeping. Now, I sleep like a baby. I had restricted urine flow, but now it is back to normal. My PSA dropped from 9.5 to 3.5. Then, I went to a radiologist who did an ultrasound and a color doppler of my prostate. He told me that the cancer is dormant.
Ted H., New Mexico

Improved Health

In June, 2000, I was facing a second back surgery. I decided to try Chiropractic with Dr. Harte instead. My leg and buttock pain of many years vanished. I continued in Dr. Harte’s Wellness program, to continually improve my health. After taking blood pressure medication for 13 years, I began to experience dizziness. It turned out that, through the adjustments to my spine, my pressure had returned to normal, so my medication was no longer necessary, and was now causing the dizziness. I stopped taking it, and my blood pressure is just fine.
Janice C., Corte Madera

Regular Chiropractic Care

My daughter has been adjusted since she was three days old. She is the only baby in my mothers’ group who has never had antibiotics, who has never had an ear infection, and she is almost two. I attribute her and our family’s sparkling health to regular chiropractic care.
Misty S., Mountain View

Better and Better

I was skeptical at first, as I had been to several chiropractors over the years who did me more harm than good. But, during the weeks that followed, my range of motion and mental outlook had become better and better. Most of the pain disappeared. My vision, which required three different sets of bifocals in five years, returned to normal. I only need reading glasses. I drive two hours (105 miles) from Clear Lake to Corte Madera to get adjusted by Dr. Harte.
Joseph C., Clear Lake

You’re the Best!

Before I found Dr. Harte, I had been to one acupuncturist and 11 other chiropractors. Besides getting rid of back and neck pain, Dr. Harte’s care has improved my life in so many areas… .energy, emotional and mental clarity, flexibility, sports abilities, a sense of well-being and overall enthusiasm. Thanks, you’re the best!
Patty C., Petaluma

It Works!

2 years of pain after surgery on my left knee, the physical therapy, several orthopedic experts sending me home with pain killers. Now, in 3 weeks, I’m able to stay off pain pills, my knee is more pliable, and I no longer have to wear my knee brace to walk. It works, the works of Dr. Harte.
Marie B., Rodeo

Alert Baby

At five months old, my son Ricky wasn’t sleeping through the night and wasn’t eating well. All that changed with Dr. Harte. Now at twelve months, he gets sick much less, and our friends tell us how much more alert he is than all the other kids his age.
Olga P., Richmond

Improved Ability to Learn

I came to Dr. Harte because of my back, but when he explained to me about the benefits for my two sons, 4 and 5 years old, I decided to bring them too. My sons’ asthma and allergies are gone completely, they are more alert, and their ability to learn is incredible.
Natividad G., Corte Madera

Feeling Younger

I am now feeling younger than before I started Chiropractic. I definitely feel happier. It has given me a better attitude about life. I know now that growing old doesn’t mean growing worse, health-wise. Things can get better!
Marie F., Mill Valley

Increased Energy

My son Nicholas, who is five and a half, has histiocytosis, a rare auto-immune disease. He has received several chiropractic adjustments and, already, his energy has increased. He has a better attitude, and I’ve noticed fewer temper tantrums.
Valerie G., Novato

Doing Things I Love

My formerly incapacitating chronic back pain is a thing of the past, and despite injuring my knees and badly breaking a collarbone in later biking accidents, visiting Dr. Harte regularly has kept me doing the things I love, rock and ice climbing, mountain biking and even running.
George S., Berkeley

Have Much More

I’ve always had what I believe to be the norm. Since adjustments began, I have so much more. Pretty soon, I won’t have to sleep!
Holly S., San Francisco



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