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“Bone-on-Bone” Hips or Knees, Rotator Cuff, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ

fake hips

Do you really want one these in your body? Do you think having one of these will make you better?

Been to the Orthopedist?

The tests have been done. Maybe more are ordered. In the case of bad knees or bad hips, I find it curious that everyone is told the same thing… “It’s bone-on-bone. There’s nothing anyone can do, except for joint replacement.” 

This appeals to the modern societal infatuation with high technology. Many think that it will just be easier to “pop a new part in to replace the old.” Well, it’s not so easy. Sometimes, the device just doesn’t work right. There have been recalls, and malpractice suits. And these devices do not last forever. Most wear out or break in seven or eight years. Then, it’s surgery time again. These days, these charlatans in white coats are pushing joint replacements to people as young as 30 or 40, “for the active lifestyle.” How many times will they need surgery, and at what cost to their health?

Then there are the very serious dangers associated with these surgeries… anesthesia reaction, nocosomial (hospital) infection, and prolonged recovery time.

You think these fancy orthopedic diagnoses, backed up by fancy orthopedic imaging tests, are scientific? For the “bone-on-bone” cases. they use the garbage can diagnosis of arthritis. For every bad wrist, it’s “carpal tunnel,” and they push their “Roto-Rooter” type surgery. (They’ll be back for that one, too.) And every shoulder problem these days is labeled “rotator cuff.” How can everyone have the same diagnosis? Twenty years ago, everyone with a bad shoulder had “arthritis.” Twenty years before that, it was “bursitis.” And before that, it was “rheumatism.” None of these diagnoses ever got anyone well.

For those with serious TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint, the jaw) problems, the oral surgery for that is so bad that it makes spinal surgery look good.

A long time ago, I was in medical school in Marseilles, France. The French have two words for surgery. One is “chirugie,” and the other is “intervention.”

All of these surgical interventions are but crude clean-ups and/or replacements with inferior, non-natural parts. None address the Cause. Here, at THE HARTE OF CHIROPRACTIC, I only deal with Cause.

One cause is chronic misalignment of the involved shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, TMJ, etc. This prevents normal function, and causes wear and tear, and, after a point, pain and disability. Often, a whole limb is involved, whether there is symptom at other joints or not. For example, if one has a left knee problem, often there will also be misalignment and malfunction of the joint above, the hip, and the joints below, the ankle and foot. I look at all of this, and adjust when and where necessary.

adjustmentThe other cause, which is so far from the consciousness of the orthopedist, is Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC). Just as subluxation disrupts normal function to internal organs, and to the spine itself, it disrupts normal function to a limb. The same subluxation that might result in sciatica, low back pain running down one or both legs, will effect function of the joints of those limbs, muscles, blood supply, lymphatic drainage, etc.

Additionally, Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) can effect balance and coordination, which will effect the joints of the limbs.

So, what do I do for you here? If you point to your right shoulder or your left hip, I don’t just look there, as most doctors would. I look at you as a whole, analyze you as such, and adjust you as such, allowing you to heal from the Inside-out.

“My shoulder pain is better. Can work longer periods on computer and sewing design, without pain.”  - Sooji Lee, San Francisco

“I am able to run without pain in my knees.”   – Julie Puccinelli, Novato

“I have a great feeling of well-being, My foot is comfortable.”   – Ellen Spathling, Larkspur


Before you get cut up, unnecessarily, before you subject yourself to the very real dangers and limitations of surgery, give me a call at 460-6527. “I will help you.”