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Chiropractic Adjustments Are Essential to Health

The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is not to treat back pain, though relief of such is often a nice side effect. Chiropractic adjustments correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), allowing your body to heal and function at a higher level… physically, mentally and socially.

adjustmentChiropractic adjustments are gentle, specific and scientific.

My main technique is Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT), which is exceptionally gentle, and specific, allowing me to adjust a particular subluxated vertebra in several planes of motion. It also allows me to adjust spinal discs, the temporo-mandibular joints, and extremities (hips, knees, shoulders, etc.) when indicated. I combine DNFT with Upper Cervical Specific, Logan Basic, Columbia and Applied Kinesiology.

Proper chiropractic analysis is always applied, with the basic information of initial exam, X-rays and neurological scans, and periodic progressive exams, along with analysis on every visit, pre and post every adjustment. This is not just “How do you feel?”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • “Are chiropractic adjustments safe?”: Yes, infinitely safer than any medical procedure, right down to taking an aspirin. See an article I wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle:
  • “How many adjustments will I need?” That varies a lot, from one person to another. For you, I will let you know, as exactly as I can, how long it will take and how much it will cost at your second visit, your Report of Findings. See
  • “I’ve heard that once you start chiropractic care, you have to go forever. Is that true?” Yes and no. It’s a free country. You can stop care whenever you want. But once you’ve “graduated” from Initial Intensive Care, you will probably want to keep what improvements you’ve gotten, and continue to improve over time. And new subluxations do come up in life. If you start and exercise program, how long will you continue? If you are eating right, how long do you have to do that? See
  • “Why would children get adjusted? Probably the most dangerous thing we go through in life is getting born. Subluxation occurs almost every time. Since subluxation is THE most serious threat to health, to the expression of life, to the expression of genetic potential, why would you leave your baby subluxated? Then, how many times does a child fall learning to work, playing, off bicycles, etc?
  • “Can I adjust myself? No.
  • “What does an adjustment feel like, and what does it feel like right afterwards?” An adjustment, here, will generally feel exceedingly gentle. Sometimes there will be a noise, but usually not. Afterwards?  That can vary a lot. In the very beginning, most people feel nothing. Some might feel momentarily “buzzed,” and some might feel stiff or sore the next day, as if you worked out too much. It’s a long-term process, just like getting into your currently subluxated/limited state was a process.
  • “Can I have chiropractic care after back surgery?” Yes. My particular technique, Directional Non-Force Technique, allows me to gently adjust even those areas that have been damaged by surgery. Your need for chiropractic care may be even greater than the average person.

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