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Why (Other) Chiropractors Fail

I do not write this with any sense of happiness. It is more… frustration and sadness.

baaaaa-herd-sheep-pictureToo Much Focus on Pain Relief

Today, I made the mistake of getting into a discussion/argument with other chiropractors, on Facebook. (OK, go ahead and make fun.) The guys were talking about how they should only plan to adjust people for a couple of weeks, to see if it (Chiropractic) works. There’s so many problems with this. (I wonder if a surgeon would cut out 5 or 10% of a tumor, to see how it’s going.)

These lost chiropractors define “works” (if Chiropractic works) by pain relief. Hey, pain pills are quicker, cheaper and surer than chiropractic adjustments. Contrary to popular belief, Chiropractic is NOT about back or neck pain relief. Yes, you get that almost all the time, but that relief is a nice side effect.

What is Chiropractic About?

Chiropractic is about liberating your brain and nervous system from interference… Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)… allowing your body to heal, to function more normally. Your nervous system doesn’t just carry pain impulses. It runs everything… your heart, your immune system, your reproductive organs, your thyroid, pancreas, colon, stomach… everything! When there is interference in your spine to your nervous system, whether there is pain or not, your body cannot function normally. Chiropractic adjustment corrects this interference. It’s as simple as that.

That’s the (vitalistic) Philosophy part of their gross failing. Then there’s the Science. Often, they will just crack you where you point to where it hurts. No X-rays. No neurological scans. No exams. No nre-exams. No plan of care. Sloppy!

The Art of Chiropractic

Lastly, there’s the Art of Chiropractic, the method(s) of analyzing where the Vertebral Subluxation is, the actual adjustment, and the checking that it has been done right. These days, many chiropractors aren’t even using their hands. They use alleged adjusting instruments, which vibrate; they do not adjust. Then there’s all of thre extra garbage to make up for their inadequacies… ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser, disk decompression. Pthetic!

Popular belief is one thing. When chiropractors have such poor training and/or such poor self esteem and esteem for what they do, it is a terrible thing. They perpetuate the (wrong) popular belief, failing in their duty to help you. Consequently, many say “I tried Chiropractic, but it didn’t work.” Not quite. You went to a chiropractor, buwelcome-to-the-harte-of-chiropractict you did not get actual Chiropractic. What you got was third-rate physical medicine.

The Limits of Insurance on Chiropractic Care

One clue for you… If a chiropractor you are considering “takes insurance,” worry. That insurance, in practice, actually prevents actual, effective chiropractic care. They limit visits to such a small number that it all becomes a waste of time. I sbhoukd tell you that I don’t qualify for their networks BECAUSE I do X-rays and scans, because I do re-exams, because I talk Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), Innate Inteliigence, allowing the body to heal from Above-down, Inside-out, etc.

I quit med school to do this. So, here, you get the real thing! And the real thing works!

Be well

Dr. Harte

Marin Classic Chiropractor


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