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White Coat Privilege/Vaccine Gestapo

The latest furor over a few cases of measles, characterized as an “outbreak,” is revealing the very darkest side of government involvement in disease and health. I fear that a new, frightening crackdown is coming.

There seems to be a concern over parents “lying” and/or “refusing to cooperate” with public health officials, in regards to vaccination. It appears that officials are stirring up fake concerns in order to further strengthen California’s already tyrannical vaccine laws, which are the most stringent in the nation.

There is no doubt that the PMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental) Complex has an unsuspecting, ever-sicker public on a liberty-choking leash. In the media, there is no criticism, nor any scientific critiquing… ever, of vaccination. The only criticism is for those who disagree, or even dare to question this vast medical hegemony. (Often, this criticism has all of the venom that characterizes political discourse, these days.) As vaccination is the “holy water” of Medicine, and a very profitable one at that, forced (by government agencies) vaccination is defended in every instance, with every propaganda tool available.

When one of these diseases appears, the danger is always exaggerated. Less than 200 cases of measles this year, in the whole country, is an “outbreak.” Maybe 300 will be an epidemic. Then we get to the nature of measles. From the constant media barrage of fear, we are told to forget that measles was a normal childhood disease, linked with a stronger immune system for life. Those of us over a certain age had measles, as children. All of our friends, neighbors and cousins had measles, and no one died. (One can always find someone, so sick, that they can die from anything. That doesn’t make that particular disease deadly. Common sense.)

Lastly, media accounts leave out that the measles vaccine can actually spread measles. It is a live virus vaccine, so those vaccinated can “shed” the virus. This is good for marketing, as more get sick, and the frenzy grows.

The media reports that “health officials” face “hurdles” in “fighting anti-science beliefs.” Really? People, especially parents, should be aware of three things: (1) Every vaccine contains numerous immuno- and neurotoxins. How can this be good for health? (2) Vaccination subverts normal immune processes. How can this be good for health? (3) The truly dangerous infectious diseases of the past were essentially conquered before vaccines became available, through cleaner water supply, better nutrition, better sanitation.

A most disturbing turn in the vaccine wars is the headline, “When measles struck, investigators wanted answers. Instead they were lied to.” The Vaccine Gestapo, apparently, wants “ways to make you talk,” like out of an old Nazi movie. “Health authorities” do not respect the wishes of parents, and they question vaccine exemptions from the very few decent medical doctors who write them, when appropriate.

This latest Measles Frenzy is part of the ongoing campaign to destroy any and all health choice, especially when profitable to the medical industry. If this was really about health, fast food outlets would be closed down, and exercise would be mandated. Daily exercise before Big Brother’s telescreen, like in the Orwell’s novel, 1984? If this madness is left unchecked, health professionals would all have to tow the line. Science, and liberty, will be dead.

Dr Don Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractor

Corte Madera, CA

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  1. Michael Deutch says
    Mar 25, 2019 at 7:41 PM

    Here is how far it's gone already. On Madam Secretary last night they floated the brilliant idea that the state department will deny passports to those who cannot show evidence of measles vaccination. Maybe a good idea would be for those of us who don't agree to keep our heads down until this onslaught passes?

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