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When "Science" becomes Garbage!

With this now longstanding Cootie-phobia from Covid-19 (that I refer to, more accurately, as WBF, Wuhan Bat Flu), the ruling elites, the PMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental) Complex are feeding bits and pieces of so-called science to the public, through their wholly owned, compliant media.

We are constantly commanded: “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!” But what if it’s not science? What if it is just power-mongering, on the part of Big Government, and just marketing, on the part of Big Pharma and Big Medicine? Oh, you never realized that Big Pharma and Big Medicine are businesses? You thought that they do it all for free, for the good of all? Think again? They already account for 20% of the economy. They’ve already made BILLIONS on this Plague. Do you think that there is something wrong with an industry that no one can afford?

Their “science is garbage! No mask… one mask… two masks, inside, outside, with or without a vaccine that is NOT a vaccine, by definition. (It is gene therapy, like letting someone hack your computer, except in this case, the computer is your genetic machinery.) They are forcing us into submission, after they have destroyed countless lives through shuttered businesses and lost jobs, drug overdoses, vastly increased domestic abuse and suicides, let alone the mental health cost, especially for young children. NOW WE KNOW that this virus originated in the Wuhan Virology Lab, doing grossly irresponsible research that was at least partially facilitated by St. Anthony (Fauci). Yet you still trust the government? (Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment? You should also check out the book on my coffee table. The Plutonium Files.)

“They” have led everyone to believe that this virus has killed well over half a million Americans. There is so much evidence of out-and-out fakery, even the CDC admitted, last August, that only 6% of the reported death had no “co-morbidities,” in other words, likely they died from something else. This was a propaganda campaign of FEAR, to produce compliance. Now, deaths from the non-vaccine vaccine are about 4500, according to VAERS. It has long been established that reported vaccine injuries and deaths reported to VAERS are only 10% to 1% of the actual numbers. Considering the extreme social pressures, I’d say 1% is high. But let’s assume that. That means you multiply 4500 by 100. The number of vaccine deaths is almost as high as the blown-up number of deaths from the WBF virus itself. This is science?

Animal testing was not done. We are still in Phase III of testing. The three “vaccine” that are approved are approved under “emergency” provisions, clearly as “experimental.” THERE IS NO LIABILITY FOR DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, VACCINE MANUFACTURERS. NONE! Even the tests for WBF are classified as experimental.

MD’s have been told, by “authorities” that they cannot prescribe certain drugs for WB F. This has never been done. Science?

Real science is based upon actual fact. Let’s go to the lockdowns, which continue to some extent in our slave state of California. We are no better than the “free states” of Florida, Texas, South Dakota, etc.

The masks? The only experiment the CDC can point to about the efficacy of masks is one done with… I kid you not… MANIQUINS. Real science will tell you that wearing a mask, especially for long periods, will cause you to have too little oxygen, and too much carbon dioxide in your blood. ON TOP OF THAT, we are supposed to expel millions of bacteria and viruses every time we breathe out. But with a mask, we are rebreathing all that. Yummm! Then, there’s the skin effects, and the mental effects.

“They”… the PMG Complex, have caused you to live in FEAR. The CDC, WHO, etc. have no scientific credibility. They are out for power and profit, at the expense of your health and liberty.

Perhaps the most insidious thing is that “They” have persuaded everyone that their immune system, evolved over millions of years, is worthless, that you need their magic Holy Water to survive this Plague. What’s really NUTS is that even people who have had Covid-19/WBF, and have natural immunity, are being pressured to take the shot. This is just stupid. Natural immunity is always superior to artificial immunity. And this non-vaccine vaccine doesn’t even deliver immunity. Many “vaccinated” people have gotten WBF, and some have died. Oops. This is not science.

You want science? Trust your body’s own immune system, which is run by your brain and nervous system. The PURSUIT OF HEALTH is far more valuable and workable than this alleged prevention of disease. That is one of many reasons why you should be under regular chiropractic care.

Don Harte, D.C.

Straight Chiropractor

Corte Madera, Marin, CA

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