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Vaccine... WHY? For what?

There has never been such a concerted, systematic program of medical propaganda as the current marketing plan for the various Covid-19 “vaccines” as currently.

The gross exaggeration of deaths and related dangers of Covid-19 is well-known. The uselessness of the lockdowns, with their consequent economic and psychological destruction, is also well-known. One just has to look at California and New York vs. Florida. If these draconian procedures have no purpose, WHY?

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Justin Hart @justin_hart Did you catch the charts put out by Florida Gov. DeSantis yesterday? The facts relayed therein put to rest any doubt that lockdowns are the de facto path to success. In fact, they demonstrate lockdowns don't work. Hospitalizations Per Million Florida Locked Down States FAUCI: NEW YORK HAD ONET OF TWO BEST RESPONSES CALIFORNIA NEW YORK PHASE RE-OPENING STAY Califoriat HOME ORDER SENIORS FIRST Florida's COVID-19 response has outperformed lockdown states on excess...'

Now the “vaccines” are not actually vaccines, but the powers-that-be know, full well, that they couldn’t sell them to the world if they called them what they truly are, GENE THERAPY. How can I say this? A vaccine, by definition, is administered, for the purpose of disease prevention, by the administration of a killed or attenuated (weakened) dose of the actual pathogen, the disease-causing bacteria or virus. There is no… ZERO…Covid-19 in these so-called vaccines. They are what’s called messenger RNA, which will tell your own genetic machinery to create a portion (not the whole thing, even) of the virus. Frightening! In addition, the carrier of this mRNA is lipid (fat) nanoparticles, which cause auto-immune reactions.

As to prevention, “They” make no such claims, not even that the “vaccines” stop transmission of the virus. They claim only that, if you get Covid-19, it will be only mild or moderate. That is what usually happens, so They can claim 95%, or whatever, effectivity. This is because this concoction is doing nothing, so it cannot fail.

On top of the unusual characteristics of this gene therapy, which fools with your genetic machinery, we have the usual toxic garbage, adjuvants, to goose your immune response… aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, etc.

What do I recommend? Pursue Health. Eat well, manage stress (difficult amidst this madness), get adequate rest, and make sure that your nervous system is free, so that it can better regulate your immune system. Yes, you have an immune system!

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