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I just sent the following to the Pacific Sun, which ran a really ridiculous article touting childhood vaccination:

Your article, “Shots in the dark,” barks out its total lack of reason right in the subheading, “Many Marinites aren’t vaccinating kids – and doctors aren’t happy.”
Should a parent make health decisions for a child to make the doctor happy? Shafer goes on: “… it can erode the trust that’s essential to the doctor/patient relationship.” Since pediatricians push these vaccines, which are mixtures of questionable biological substances and known neurotoxins, along with so many other dangerous drugs, I think that that erosion of trust would be a good thing for parents, and a good thing for society.
Vaccinations are the spear of medical cultism, which postulates that the body is stupid, and needs the “holy water” in the syringe. The vitalistic/holistic philosophy of Chiropractic appreciates that we do not heal from Outside-in, from drugs, in. Healing and health come only from Inside-out. Kids who are lucky enough to get chiropractic care get interference to their nervous systems corrected, allowing them to express more Life. As an added benefit, they get less of the dangerous interventions offered by pediatricians. Which group do you think is healthier?
Don Harte, D.C.

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