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A sad story that my wife told me brought back thoughts of all the weird comments that I have heard over the years about “being healthy.” Weird? Yes. People have said to me that I am healthy… except for my heart condition/diabetes/cancer…” I still remember, from over 40 years ago, my father’s nitwit medical doctor telling him, “Don’t worry, Fred. Diabetes is the healthy man’s disease.” I suppose that’s why he died at the age of 53 from diabetes, or, more accurately, from the heart attack caused by the medical treatment of his diabetes.

Back to the story. Where my wife gets her nails done, it was somber that day. One of the aestheticians (I’m not quite sure what that is) was in the hospital, in a coma. She had a stroke. “Oh, but she was so beautiful!” “Oh, but she was so athletic. She worked out every day!” She was in her early 50’s. Maybe it was the side effect of some medication she was taking. My wife didn’t have the full story. In any event, the blood vessels in the brain were not functioning properly… not getting the right messages from the nervous system.

Around here, fitness is almost a religion. Sure, it’s good to be fit, but that, in and of itself, does not define health, as the above story demonstrates. How many stories have you heard, over the years, of well-known sports figures just dropping dead? dr-don-harte I’ve spoken of Sergei Grinkov as an example. He was a Russian Olympic figure skater. 28 years old. Dropped dead on the ice. Fit? Yes. Healthy? No! Dead? Very.

There are many who swear that they are in perfect health because they eat in a certain way. Devoted vegetarians are the worst in this category, just totally assured that their special diet keeps them healthy. Well, vegetarianism is workable for very few people. Often, the high that they feel is from protein deprivation. As to eating right, as to eating as much organically as possible, this is good. But who really knows what the right diet is? And, isn’t it different for different people? Might it be different in different seasons? Might your dietary requirements vary as you age? With all this confusion, if you ate perfectly balanced food (whatever that is), and if it was perfectly organic (whatever that is), your body still needs to digest and burn it or assimilate it. To whatever degree any level of your digestive system is not getting the right nerve supply (instructions), that perfect food may be turned to garbage. How about the complex steps of assimilation, turning the food into actual new body tissues? This involves hormonal controls, the blood, the liver, right down to the cells of the body. What if any of this isn’t working right?

Back to exercise. Yes, it’s good. But why have some athletes dropped dead from heart attacks at the prime of their lives? Maybe, even though they felt strong, their heart may have not been getting the proper messages on how to function (which come from the brain). They probably felt terrific, until that moment that they dropped. The impact and the stress of sport may even have worsened the condition.

Feeling good? Not enough. So many people are so chronically drugged that they have no idea what they feel, anyway.

The popular notion of “health care” is ludicrous. People read the latest fads in everything from cheap tabloids to slick national news magazines. They dutifully go to their M.D.’s to get tested. They are told that this is prevention. No, this is early detection. When your M.D. finds something, you’ve already been sick, usually for a long time. There is nothing here to keep you from getting sick, let along to get you and keep you well. And, for a while now, M.D.’s have been prescribing drugs, on a lifetime basis, allegedly to prevent disease, kind of like taking nutritional supplements. Well, not quite. These drugs pervert the processes of the body, and cause all manner of side effects. No, you cannot get health from a bottle of pills. Were you born with a deficiency of drugs? I think not.

You want health? You need a body that is fully controlled and coordinated by the nervous system, without interference. Interference occurs from Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), vertebrae out of place, adversely effecting the flow of nerve impulses, brain to body and body to brain. (Most VSC involves no pain whatsoever, so you would be totally unaware of it.) Chiropractic detects, analyzes and removes VSC. Far and away, Chiropractic is the most important step to take towards health, usually far better health that you can imagine, especially if you have been under the spell of various specialists. Remove interference, and the body does better. Simple.

Don Harte, D.C.

Marin Straight Chiropractor

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