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The heart, or the brain... which is primary?

Obviously, both are essential. A lot of people think that the heart runs the body, and that the heart forms first, in the developing embryo. Medicine is certainly “cardio-centric.” Hey, if I wanted to dress up as an M.D. next Halloween, what would I have around my neck?

The heart is formed in the fourth week of development, and, then, blood begins to course through the baby. However, the brain and the nervous system begins at two and a half weeks, to control and coordinate the development of every other system.

When the heart can no longer maintain a stable rhythm, a pacemaker is often installed. What, though, is the pacemaker BEFORE the pacemaker? It is, unmistakably, the nervous system. The nervous system controls the strength of the contractions, the quality of the contractions, the speed of the contractions, while it gives the heart all of its power. The greater portion of blood pressure, though, comes not from the heart, but from the aorta and the other arteries. These arteries are not mere hoses with blood in them. The wall of these arteries contain involuntary muscle (as does the walls of the heart), which produce waves of contraction to move the blood along properly. What do you suppose controls the tone of these muscles? If there exists subluxation, improperly overstimulating these muscles, might high blood pressure result? How about if there is too much blood volume, from kidneys not getting enough nerve stimulation, not eliminating enough fluid and/or not maintaining the delicate balance of salts in the blood? High blood pressure, again.

When people get multiple bypass surgery… at great risk and expense… why do their arteries get crudded up again in two or three years? Nothing has changed in the faulty metabolism that created the crud, the excess plaque.

We know that drugs can treat any of these conditions/effects, but do they do anything about cause… vertebral subluxation? Of course not. And, sometimes drugs actually cause cardiac problems. The diabetes drug, Avandia, caused tens of thousands of heart attacks. Some years back, there was an actual heart drug………. That caused more deaths than all American losses from the Vietnam War.

Is medicine useful in certain cases? Absolutely! In emergencies, such as heart attacks, Medicine is at its best, saving lives. But, for actual health, including heart health, is it not preferable to eliminate the CAUSE… subluxation, and allow the body’s own Innate Intelligence to do what it does best… to regulate itself, to heal itself?

Think. Whoever you know with any kind of heart condition, blood pressure problem, circulation problem, will they be better off with less vertebral subluxation? THIS is what chiropractic care corrects. THIS is what I correct. Get them here! Help them!

Dr D Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractor

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