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The Cancer Epidemic

Those of you who are  old enough to remember President Nixon my remember his much-vaunted “War on Cancer.” Everyone had high hopes, certain higher than for the other war that was going on.

Turns out that neither war worked out so well.

Why a disease, a biological condition, and what to do about it, is couched in military terms, is a mystery to me. I guess the underlying assumption is that some sort of victory can be achieved by some combination of monies spent, technological superiority and sheer will. Well, it doesn’t work like that, and it didn’t work like that.

How many billions and billions have been spent, and cancer has now reached epidemic levels. The “early detection” testing has not helped. The new kinds of treatment have not helped. Whoever you talk to, someone close to them has cancer or just passed away from cancer. No, it’s not getting better; it’s getting worse!

Realize that cancer is THE “poster child” of medical progress. And that child is very, very sick. Why do you still “believe?” What do I mean? Whenever “They” announce some new breakthrough… a new procedure, a new test, a new drug… everyone gets all excited. Everyone believes, again, that the CURE is “right around the corner.” How many times will They fool you?

The Cure? Like anything else, health does NOT come from the Outside-in… from drugs, radiation, surgery. Health only comes from Above-down, Inside-out.

Before someone gets all upset and thinks that I am saying that Chiropractic is the Cure… No! Chiropractic doesn’t cure anything. adio imageChiropractic allows your Innate Intelligence to express more Life.

I do not adjust to treat cancer, nor to prevent cancer. I adjust to allow the brain and the nervous system to communicate better with every system, organ, tissue and cell. This, of course, includes the immune system, which is our protection from cancer, as well as infections.

It is my view that some medical interventions actually promote cancer. The drugs for auto-immune disease, such as Crohn’s Disease, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, etc., like Enbrel and Humira, list various forms of cancer as their side effects. Then there’s the much-vaunted mammograms, which use “soft” X-rays with huge biological effect. And there’s the whole slew of hormonal treatments. You fool with nature, you pay a penalty.

Rather than fighting disease, why not promote health?

Don Harte, D.C.

Liberator of Innate

Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

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