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The #1 Risk Factor


Here are three critical TRUTHS for your health, now and in the future:

1. People, like you, go to the chiropractor for back or neck pain.

2. Most chiropractors have little comprehension and appreciation of the unique, vitalistic (FAR beyond “holistic”) Philosophy of Chiropractic. It is likely that they suffer from a lack of belief in Chiropractic, itself, and in themselves, as chiropractors.

This is why they make these very serious errors:

(a) They present themselves as junior M.D. back doctors, white coat, stethoscope and all, diagnosing and treating pain. This is so far from what Chiropractic truly is, that, in my view, it comes close to fraud, or at least gross incompetence.

(b) As one of the consequences of their lack of appreciation for the Philosophy of Chiropractic, they often accept the dictates of Medicare and other third-party pay institutions, and/or act in an unprofessional, over-casual manner, neglecting to recommend an appropriate plan of care. They have no commitment, and have no passion to serve.

(c) As another consequence of their lack of appreciation for the Philosophy of Chiropractic, and, perhaps, due to poor training, many chiropractors lack the manual skills and artistry to perform proper chiropractic adjustments, by hand.

3. You will, very likely, get rid of or at least substantially reduce your pain. That will be a nice side effect of your care, here. THE purpose of Chiropractic is to correct THE #1 risk factor to your health, Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), in order to allow your own body to heal itself, to function at a higher level, to express more Life. In simple terms, Chiropractic does not treat your back pain, or anything else. We pursue Health.

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