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Admired the term Geriatric – brilliant marketing really.  As though aging itself were a disease, necessitating the creation of an entire branch of medicine. Just like Pediatrics. Niche marketing. Selling by fear, from time immemorial.

A lot of old people are fine on their own.  Especially the ones smart enough to avoid ‘check-ups’ – those visits where doctors are just going to see if they can find ‘anything wrong.’ Translation: any opening to talk them into unnecessary drugs or surgery. Desperate MDs – the latest Obamacare victims – will only get paid if they find something.   Hmm, let’s see here.

Preventative Medicine.

Had an 82 year old patient who just went in for one of these MD visits.  No health problems, strong as a horse.  Even though all blood Targeting the Elderlytests were normal, he came back with a recommendation for thyroxin.  Long term prescription: permanent.   Reason:  it might help him with his memory.

Well, he’s definitely going to remember that – and never go back!

Had another patient – an 87 year old woman.  She had a mild heart attack, but was improving with rest.  Even though her blood pressure was fairly normal and she was in no distress, the Desperados recommended quadruple bypass for her!  Very high chances she would have died from the surgery itself, or its aftermath.  But that’s today’s standard protocol.

These days people over 50 have an immune advantage right out of the gate – as children, they had less than one tenth of the childhood vaccines today’s kids get.   Since the first few years of life are the most critical in immune development, all other factors being equal, they had more of a chance to build the foundation of health early on that could last a lifetime.

Unfortunately other factors have not been equal.  As global population doubled in the last 50 years, toxicity has increased geometrically, from all avenues:

  • Processed foods
  • GMO foods
  • Chemicals in the air
  • Xenobiotics in the water
  • Drugs
  • Flu shots
  • Subluxation

All these influences have served to bring the elderly population down to the same low level of health as young people exhibit.

In and of itself, aging is not a pathology.  With exercise, adjustments, and a nutrient rich lifestyle, musculoskeletal and immune strength can continue to build, one’s entire life.  Even into the 50s and 60s and beyond.  Apoptosis doesn’t have to come into the picture till the final scenes.  But again, it’s the survival of the correctly informed.  Many oldsters believe the disempowering sales rap that they are now declining and all these aches and pains are normal and they only way out is drugs, etc.  And make sure your will is up to date – that whole Death Care template.  That’s the medical agenda.

The newest techniques are the pre’s: precancerous, pre-diabetic, premenopause, pre-arthritic, etc.  Capitalizing now on fear of something which may never come.

Ever hear doctors talk about glowing health and vitality, optimum nutrition, collagen, avoiding surgery, fitness, etc  – any of those salubrious notions that can enrich people of any age?  Nope.  It’s always the opposite – the same tired spiel – we may have found a problem here, schedule tests, then more tests, then drugs , then diagnoses, then procedures, more drugs, check-ups, then hospice care— you’re on the track, jack. The patient is never fine, never healthy.  Some demon is always lurking about. It’s so boring, so predictable, so obvious.  Can’t believe that more people don’t recognize it for what it is: a cheap hustle.

Most have bought into the Permission To Live/ Permission To Die paradigm.  They never learn the basics of how the body operates.  They never learn the basics of nutrition vs. processed junk.  Or anything about drugs and vaccines.  Or the difference between exercise and entropy: muscle and bone strength.  Knowing nothing on their own,  they’re apt to believe the profession that scares them the most – the one granting them Permission to Live — ” take these drugs or else”    and Permission To Die, “you have 6 months to live”….  “sorry, it’s terminal, nothing more we can do”

The Correctly Informed healthy minority educates themselves, trusts their own ability to make health decisions,  and avoids routine checkups. And drugs.  To them, chapters like The Last Resort make perfect sense.  They’ll live as long as they decide, not at the whim of some desperate fee-for-service  obamanized profession of pills, potions, and procedures.

Tim O’Shea, D.C.

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