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"Sheepism," Churchill, Results

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

I might add, no matter how beautiful the intention… I’m talking about the hysteria and (well-accepted) loss of liberty over Wuhan Bat Flu, which is what I call Covid-19. It’s more honest.

This is a society where people are locked into what they believe, no matter the outcome. People believe that the government is always doing the right thing for us, and that Medicine is always right, always scientific. LOOK AT THE RESULTS… Masks, gloves, sanitizer, lockdowns. It didn’t work before, so our government overseers do it again to us? This is evil! The loss of freedom, the dehumanization, the destruction of businesses and jobs, in horrendous. They use fake science to lord over us.

The same could be applied to how people view their “health care.” “They” have conned you into calling Medicine “health care,” when it is truly disease care. Aside from emergency procedures, WHERE ARE THE RESULTS? Intelligent people seek an intelligent path… Chiropractic… which actually IS health care. Do what you can to help others out of the fear and the darkness. Tell them about Chiropractic today! Maybe this dark time is a good time to talk sense to others. Yes, it takes some commitment to talk off of the Party Line, which makes my point.

Dr Harte

Emancipator of Innate

Voltaire-cannot criticize

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