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Public Health, Public Sickness, and Fake Religion

It seems that the die has been cast. SB277, that oppressive bill that will destroy the personal belief vaccine exemption, as just been passed by the State Senate, and is expected to pass right through the Assembly and the Governor, to become law. Minority rights? Parental rights? The right to be secure in one’s own person, according to the Fourth Amendment? The right to one’s religious beliefs, as in the First Amendment? Minority rights?

This new law, along with those in place in Mississippi and West Virginia, displaces one religion for a new one. Our Big Pharma-paid legislators are the new prophets of the state religion… Medicine! A far-fetched concept? Hardly! Doctors are the high priests. The hospitals are the temples. The CDC? Their pronouncements become the new scripture. Vaccines are, of course, their Holy Water. There are even altar boys and girls… the poor, sick children with compromised immune systems (likely from previous vaccinations), who cannot be vaccinated, who are trotted out to, unknowingly, disgracefully help with the “services.” Child exploitation!

Religion in the name of tyranny? We’ve seen this throughout history. We can see it today in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia, where gays are hanged, women are raped with impunity, and stoned to death when they complain. A new wave of hatred is being generated against the heretics, the “non-believers.” There is no public outcry to jail parents who feed junk food to their children, but there is public outcry, from a growing number of people, to jail parents who do not vaccinate their children with these junk chemicals. Maybe the vaccine fanatics would like to see these mothers put in a hole and stoned to death by medical doctors, the keepers of their faith.

It seems that basic liberty, and that most basic of societal relationships, that of parent-child, and the will of a significant minority who question the catechism of Medicine, can easily be sacrificed upon the Altar of Medicine. We are told, over and over, “It’s a question of public safety. Individuals cannot endanger the rest of society.” It worked for Hitler. It worked for Stalin. And it worked for the doctors who worked for Hitler and Stalin.

We hear “medical experts” wrongly use the term “herd immunity,” as the chief reason for mandatory vaccination laws.  They claim that vaccination, which is supposed to work within the body of the person vaccinated, doesn’t work unless some very high percentage of a population is vaccinated. There are two immense problems here. (1) Scientifically, this is plain stupid. If it works within an individual, whoever is around that individual is immaterial. (2) The concept contains the inherent belief that the individual is subservient, and can and should be sacrificed for the good of the “herd.” This is an inherently dangerous, totalitarian concept.

When science becomes religion, and religion becomes science, no good can come of it. What is “accepted” becomes the Holy Word, which cannot be questioned. How else can the PMMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Media-Governmental) Complex get away with such insanity as destroying individual and parental rights, while destroying the health of children by injecting them with questionable biological material, along with a variety of known neuro- and immunotoxins, bypassing normal immunological sequences. The PMMG Complex has sold the public fear of an “epidemic” of 131 cases amidst 330 million Americans of the quite non-serious disease, measles, while having the public ignore the real epidemic of millions of cases of autism, Type I diabetes, juvenile arthritis, life-threatening allergies, childhood Crohn’s and IBS, and learning disabilities. It is a fact that the current scores of mandatory vaccinations alter and poison the immune response. Is it a surprise at the rise of these diseases, most of which are auto-immune?

Only a religion-science could have the audacity to claim their own Holy Water, vaccinations, ended the scourge of infectious diseases of old… smallpox, typhus, cholera, tuberculosis, scarlet fever. No, it had nothing to do with Medicine, in general, or vaccination, in particular. It was better hygiene… clean water, sewage systems, refrigeration of food.

The movement to end the personal belief exemption, including religious exemption for vaccination, is spreading from state to state, and now Congress is getting into the act. What can we expect from power-hungry, money-hungry (from Big Pharma) governments, from Washington, down to local governments, but to use this new State Religion to subdue us, not even caring about the children as collateral damage. Thomas Jefferson said: “When the people get the government tell them what foods to eat and what medicines to take, their bodies will be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.”





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