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MEDICAL FAILURE vs. Chiropractic Science

This extreme increase in government-medical propaganda, today with the re-introduction of the mask mandate in California, is emblematic of the basic FALSITY OF MEDICINE. Yes, I said it. It needs to be said. If that makes me a heretic, within the cultural confines of the Cult of Medicine, so be it!

People have been conditioned, for decades, to a system that doesn’t work, with the exception of life-threatening emergencies. You get diagnosed, which is not an answer as to WHY, as to CAUSE. It’s only a name. Then they attack that diagnosis. They give drugs that do not cure. They just maintain you in your condition, as you slowly (sometimes quickly) deteriorate. Their drugs cause other diseases, which require more drugs. Their surgeries (again, exempting emergencies) work by cutting parts out? Face it… Their Philosophy is that you are born with a DEFICIENCY OF DRUGS AND AN EXCESS OF ORGANS.

How about IATROGENIC DISEASE? (That word comes from the Greek. “Iatros” means physician. So the word means “physician-caused.) Depending upon one’s source, iatrogenic death is said to be between 180,000 and over a million. But I guess that that’s OK. It’s Medicine. As long as they follow whatever the current (always to be replaced) protocols, it’s “OK.” Failure is OK in regards to Medicine. No one even considers it an issue.

By biological law, medical failure should be expected, because they try to fool Mother Nature. Not very smart!

So, after so long of so many accepting medical failure, the failure of the NIH, CDC, WHO and assorted state and local so-called “health” agencies, just about EVERYTHING THEY’VE TOLD US ABOUT THE WBF (Wuhan Bat Flu, better known as Covid-19) has been false, AND THEY KNEW IT. Initial medical treatments have been prohibited on a purely political basis, costing lives. Basic public health measures were ignored. Idiot governors sent infected people into nursing homes, causing tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. The number of “cases” and deaths have been deliberately falsified, to create panic, to allow CONTROL.

Big Pharma, with OUR TAX DOLLARS, created several forms of gene therapy, which they have falsely labeled “vaccines.” These non-vaccine vaccines are still in the experimental stage. Yet, while being pushed to the extreme, people don’t know this. Even the tests are “experimental.” These gene therapies were NEVER promised to prevent infection, nor were they promised to prevent transmission. So… what good are they?

Now, with this Delta Variant frenzy (even before, so many vaccinated people got the bug. It doesn’t work. This is as plain as day. NOW, THE FACT THAT IT IS NOT WORKING IS BEING USED, BY THE PROPAGANDA MASTERS, TO PUSH MAKING THIS GENE GARBAGE MANDATORY.

If these gene therapies did nothing, that wouldn’t be too bad, But they are causing an unprecedented amount of sickness and death, which I now estimate at a million dead. (VAERS stats, as usually accepted, multiplied by 100.) Failure. Totally accepted. Because it’s Medicine, allegedly because it’s science. NO IT’S NOT! Science works. This death-dealing nonsense does not.

We are coming up against what we must characterize as, at best, religion, and at worst, the cult of Medicine. Societally, supported by government, media, academics, everything said and done by Medicine is taken as Gospel. Any deviation is “misinformation,” “disinformation,” etc., that MUST, according to Them, be stamped out “to save lives.” Anyone who questions, let alone criticizes, is a HERETIC. It’s been like this, for a long time, but this hyper-exaggerated “crisis” has brought everything to a head. It is now time to question the WHOLE THING.

That does not make you anti-science. Science is ALWAYS to be questioned. Otherwise, it ceases to be science. It becomes propaganda, and marketing, and a tool for authoritarian control.

ON THE OTHER HAND… Chiropractic is based upon science, and relies upon the body’s own wisdom, what we call Innate Intelligence, for the body to heal itself. The brain and the nervous system control and coordinate every system, organ, tissue and cell in the body, and adapt it to the environment. Interference to this control and coordination, through vertebrae out of place, causes a lack of normal function, what we call Vertebral Subluxation. Correction of such, through gentle, specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment, allows the body to heal.

And Chiropractic does not try to convince you that you have no immune system, which the medical crazies in charge now have been trying to do for the last year and a half.

Free your mind. Free your body. Get Health. Get adjusted.

Dr. Don Harte

Chiropractor, Corte Madera, Marin, California


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