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It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.” - Albert EinsteinEinstein-electrified

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  - George Orwell

Prejudice is as old as mankind, and probably older. But it’s still worth staring down, and doing what you can to keep it down.

Sadly, it has become fashionable to assign only those groups, as victims of prejudice, who are deemed so by current political and cultural trends. One can miss positive change, with one aggrieved group or another. One can also miss widespread prejudice against groups who have not been able, as yet, to shine a spotlight upon society dumping on them. When a good part of that prejudice is based upon an unnatural adulation of that group’s opposite, this injustice can really get buried.

Why am I bringing this up, at all? Why am I bellyaching about chiropractors and Chiropractic being dumped on? Because I know, and some of you know, that Chiropractic changes lives for the good, often radically, sometimes even saving lives. (Examples that come to my mind are the three week old who had “failure to thrive,” and grew up to be a healthy young woman. Another is a 25 year old electrician and mountain bike rider, struck down with multiple sclerosis, who came back to be able to work, and to ride like a lunatic down Mount Tam.)

Since prejudice against Chiropractic stops people from getting Chiropractic, the crux of this is not that I am moaning about my own hurt feelings. I am moaning about the widespread loss of quality of life, and sometimes loss of actual life, due to this asinine prejudice. Those responsible do not wear white sheets, but they do, often, wear white lab coats.

Society, as a whole, has become so obsessed with the incessant need for medical standards, for medical testing, for medical diagnosing, for aggressive medical treatments and for increasingly crazy medical research, that it has become common parlance to refer to Medicine as “health care.” I won’t know go into why Medicine is the furthest thing from health care. But it is important to realize that this relatively new expression, linguistically, wipes out everything else that is not allopathic (mainstream) Medicine. Besides Chiropractic, I would include acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic medicine, etc.

The result of this societal medical obsession is that “everyone” considers Medicine to be the be-all and end-all in all matters of disease, and health. “They know everything, and what they don’t yet know, the answer, the cure, is right around the corner.” The obsession leads to the absolute belief in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, along with a variety of things that they have sold as “preventative,” is what everyone needs, whether they want it or not, whether they like it or not. Medicine has become the state religion. “Everyone knows that…”

george-orwellWhat this means is that anyone who questions Medicine, or does or promotes something different, becomes a heretic. Why do you think that there is so much antagonism towards Chiropractic, ranging from immediate dismissal and disbelief, to downright hatred? Read, again, the above quote by George Orwell. 

Isn’t it idiotic to hate a system of restoring the body and mind to health, without drugs or surgery, by correcting interference to the body’s own Innate Intelligence? Isn’t it idiotic to think that the current medically acceptable levels for cholesterol, or blood pressure, are correct, when they have been revised so many times? Isn’t it idiotic to stick the same standards on everyone, as if there were no differences between individuals, especially regarding size, weight and gender? Isn’t it idiotic to trust a system that commands the serial dosing of children with neurotoxins and questionable biological agents, as opposed to making sure that a child’s nervous system is clear of interference, from birth, on? Isn’t it idiotic, for back pain, to get your spine cut and drilled and screwed (literally as well as figuratively), instead of getting it adjusted so that it will function better, and your nervous system will function better?

Well, that’s the way prejudice is… IDIOTIC! So, when you are talking to someone about how they can get well and stay well, usually beyond their wildest dreams, with regular, wellness chiropractic care, and they come at you… stop and realize the total idiocy of their stance. No, it’s not just a difference of opinion. Once presented with the facts, it is downright stupid to deny that the body can and will heal itself, when there is no interference. Once presented with the facts, it is stupid to deny that health comes from Above-down, Inside-out. I know that your average SI (subluxated infidel) actually believes that drugs and surgery make you healthy. Ask them, if this is so, shouldn’t those who take the most drugs, and have had the most surgery, be the healthiest?

Yes, prejudice is idiotic. Even if you’re talking to your own M.D., or some celebrated medical researcher, or some high official from the CDC or NIH, or the Surgeon-General, this person’s prejudice has zero scientific basis. It is just prejudice. White sheet… white coat… prejudice is prejudice.

If anti-chiropractic prejudice has held you back from getting your spine and nervous system right, and your body and mind right, get adio imageover it! If you “tried Chiropractic but it didn’t work,” that’s like saying “I knew this black guy once,” or “I was really taken by this Jewish guy.” It’s all stupid. Move on. Get a real (straight) chiropractor. And rest assured that if you hold a prejudice against me as a chiropractor, it will hurt you far, far more than it can ever hurt me.

Get smart. get adjusted! Continue as long as you would like to be well. Tell everyone you know that. If they give you a hard time, look at them like they’re nuts, because they are. Do what you can to get them un-prejudiced, in-nuts.

Sorry, I’m just not cut out for the back of the bus. Maybe that’s why the chiropractic board “loves” me so much!

Don Harte, D.C.

Liberator of Innate



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