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Is Your Trust in Medicine just Emotional?

We’ve all grown up with Medicine. As a kid, I idolized my family GP, Dr. Barth. I grew up watching “Dr. Kildaire” and “Ben Casey” on TV, with a Merck Manual, a medical dictionary and a notebook at my side. Later on, I idolized the next family doctor, an internist, who ended up killing my father. No, I’m not being overly harsh. I am being accurate. But think about your (emotional) reaction. Many just get upset, even repelled, at any criticism of Medicine.

Through this Covid-19 hysteria, Big Medicine and Big Pharma have upped their power exponentially. Through power-hungry politicians and a compliant media, they shut down the country, causing untold damage, economic and emotional. I’ve gotten a lot of angry responses to my public criticism of Dr. Fauci, who I refer to as “St. Anthony.” Come on! He changes hos story like we change our socks. He is part of gain-of-function research, that is not so different from bioterrorism. He, at least partially, financed the epicenter of this world-wide mess, the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. Why would anyone get angry with bringing this out? Why would anyone, now, argue that the lockdowns saved lives when we can now compare California to Texas and New York to Florida. If it’s Medicine talking, with the alleged authority of government, facts, reality don’t count? This is exhibits gross, irrational emotional attachment to Medicine, like a cult. Those who object are labelled as “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” etc.

“They got it together to have their ongoing “death counters” pre-Biden. Yet no one is publicizing the deaths and injuries from these experimental gene therapies that they are passing off as vaccines. Again, to criticize is heresy. They are saying that even those who’ve gotten Covid-19, who have natural immunity, need the non-vaccine vaccine. This is 100% scientifically false. Natural immunity is ALWAYS superior to artificial immunity. But not when your selling your stuff, I suppose. More emotion, driven b y their non-stop fear propaganda campaign, supplemented with free donuts, coupons and lotto tickets. Madness!

“They” have, rather successfully, convinced (nearly) everyone that we have no immune system, that we must have their Holy Water. Emotional, not scientific.

This mess just puts a point on the very long-term failure of Medicine. The more “advances,” the more testing, the more vaccines, the more sickness. For the young, autism is new. For the old, Alzheimer’s and other dementias are relatively new. Mental illness on the rise? The war on cancer is in shambles. Sickness has become a way of life for the average American under what they have told us to call “Health Care.” What a lie! It is sick care.

The pursuit of health has nothing to do with the treatment of disease. Sure, They can scare you with various diseases. But the answer lies within. That’s why more and more people are turning to Chiropractic, REAL Chiropractic, to allow the body to express more life. Not so emotional, but infinitely more scientific!

corona-Fauci-snake oil

Dr. Don Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractor

Corte Madera, CA

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