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Is "what everyone knows" always right?

Most people go by “what everyone knows,” especially when it comes to health. The assumption is that “everyone” is right, and, beyond that, that Medicine is always right.

Well, a little over ten years ago, Modern Medicine was pushing Vioxx, a strong anti-inflammatory drug, for arthritis and all manner of musculo-skeletal pain. “Everyone” knew it “worked.” The problem was that it stopped the natural inflammation process so well that it damaged the cardiovascular system. Tens of thousands of people died from what “Modern Medicine” was saying what was best for them. (Back then, I wrote an op ed in the Chronicle about Vioxx. Look it up.) It is my view that that drug, along with the strong anti-inflammatories still on the market, have worsened damage to already damaged joints drumming up a great deal of business for the orthopedic surgeons, ready with their artificial hips and knees.

Not too many decades ago, doctors put radium up people’s noses for sinus problems. Mental illness was solved by frontal lobotomies. (That one was a Nobel prizewinner!) Opium and heroin were used in a variety of preparations for a variety of ailments. This is what “everyone knew.” Arsenic and mercury, known poisons, were used in many medications. Oh, back then, too, Medicine was promising that the cure for cancer was “right around the corner.” Going back further, there were leeches and other forms of bloodletting, “modern” in their time. Further back, doctors did detailed astrological charts of their patients, and gathered their herbs by the phase of the moon. Modern medicine then.

Like politicians, Medicine is quick to take credit for good things that have nothing to do with them. Medicine claims that vaccination was one of their greatest achievements, having eradicated the scourge if infectious disease. They are counting on two things to keep going “what everyone knows.” One, history is a lost study in today’s society. Secondly, they rely on the cultish acceptance of Medicine, reinforced by fear and a constant flow of irrelevant but seemingly impressive facts. Fact: Rampant infectious disease was beaten by better nutrition and better sanitation… refrigeration, cleaner water, sewage systems, etc. If vaccines stopped infectious diseases, what about cholera, typhoid, scarlet fever, etc., for which there never was a vaccine? What about the polio epidemic in the 1920’s? What of the Black Plague of the 14th century?

If they’re lying about this, isn’t it time to question “what everyone knows?” Open your mind and say “Ah… ah… ah.”

Dr. Don Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractor

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