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 “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell

Intolerance has become commonplace in American society, even in Marin. I am not referring to racism. I am referring to gross intolerance of differing ideas on ways of approaching disease and health. Now that measles has been confirmed in Marin, the hysteria will accelerate. One would think we have two cases of Ebola here.

The current quest of the Corte Madera mother of a boy with leukemia, who cannot be vaccinated, to ban non-vaccinated children from his school, is most unfortunate and poorly thought out. Just recently, posts in USA Today demanded that parents of non-vaccinated children be jailed. We are being told that vaccination is “not a private choice; it is a public responsibility.”

Public responsibility? Well, Stalin used medical doctors to incarcerate and punish dissidents in mental hospitals, allegedly for the public good. Hitler made use of medical doctors, like Dr. Mengele, in the death camps, for supposed medical research, again, allegedly, for the public good. In this country, in the early part of the 20th century, under the pseudoscientific doctrine of eugenics, the government, under the guidance and “skills” of medical doctors, sterilized, and sometimes killed, those who were deemed physically or mentally unfit, all for “the public good.” Now, a large portion of the public wants the government to force vaccination upon parents and their children, for the public good.

If vaccinations are to the public good, how come children are so sick, from autism to Type I diabetes to learning disabilities to Crohn’s to juvenile arthritis to asthma to severe, sometimes life-threatening allergies? The only thing that has changed, radically, in the last couple of generations, is the extreme increase in the interventions of pediatric medicine, the lynchpin being massive serial vaccination. The oft-repeated whine that “the vaccine-autism link has been debunked” is just plain made-up. Debunked by who? One doctor (Wakefield) out of three on one study, who couldn’t afford the legal fees to defend himself? Have any of the angry vaccination-pushers actually read the study?

The popular assumption is that what establishment Medicine is pushing is always right. If this were true, doctors would still be causing deaths by the tens of thousands by prescribing Vioxx for pain (taken off the market about a decade ago), or doing frontal lobotomies, or even further back, treating their patients by studying their astrological signs, and picking the herbs they needed by the phase of the moon.

You think that vaccination is scientific, that it has been proven “safe and effective?” Where are the long-term studies that demonstrate that they even work? (Antibody levels are not sufficient.) There are no long-term studies that show that they are safe, especially in the combinations and quantities that they are routinely given. I have been attacked for calling vaccinations “poison,” since they are “medical treatments.” If vaccines contain poisons, and they do (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, latex, ethylene glycol, etc.), are they not poisons themselves? Or are they are to be magically considered safe because they are “medical treatments?” If they are so safe, why are the vaccine manufacturers and doctors shielded from liability by Congress? And why is there no “informed consent,” as there is for every other medical procedure? (The beginning of informed consent came from the Nuremburg trials.)

The vaccination extremists have the scientifically naïve idea that vaccinations make people healthy. Health is not the absence of disease. Even if vaccination could prevent disease in a safe manner (it cannot), it does nothing to improve the function of the immune system, or of the body as a whole, which is what health actually is. If vaccination did do that, or if anything that Medicine did actually promoted health… that would be terrific. But, then, that’s what Chiropractic is for.

Should parents have the right to say “no” to vaccinating their children? What will Big Brother in a White Coat force us to do, or not do, next? Thomas Jefferson wrote: “If people let government decide what foods to eat and what medicines to take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Dr Don Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractor

Corte Madera, CA


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