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Chiropractors are Well Educated

Chiropractors are well educated

Today’s chiropractic education has an emphasis on science.

Before acceptance to a five-year chiropractic college, prospective chiropractors must complete a minimum of three years of undergraduate work with a heavy emphasis on the basic sciences.

Chiropractic colleges teach the same basic sciences as medical schools: anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, biochemistry. Being the experts in the nervous system, much emphasis is placed on that aspect… neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, etc.

Chiropractic is a Science, and Art and a Philosophy.

Chiropractic science is taught as the analysis of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), through history-taking, physical examination, instrumentation of X-rays. (A great deal more time is spent on radiology in chiropractic school, as opposed to medical school.) A certain amount of diagnosis is taught as well.

The Art of Chiropractic is taught as the various schools/systems of analysis and correction of VSC through chiropractic adjustments.

The Philosophy of Chiropractic is absolutely vital. This, more than anything else, makes it plain that Chiropractic is separate and distinct among the healing arts. We are taught that Health does not come from drugs or surgery, from “Outside-in.” Health only comes from “Above-down, Inside-out.” We are taught that we, as chiropractors, do not heal. Only the Innate Intelligence of the body can heal. We correct the interference to healing. VSC, through gentle, specific, scientific chiropractic adjustmentsallowing the body to heal itself.






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