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ear infection studyEar Infections and Strep Throat

As parents, it makes us feel so helpless. Our child is suffering… in terrible pain… but there seems little that we can do. No wonder reoccurring ear infections (otitis media) account for a huge number of pediatrician visits.

I remember my own earaches, when I was little. Horrible! I remember, once, the pain was so bad that I thought that I was going to die. I had my mom bring my pet turtle, Mikey, to me, so I could say “goodbye.”

Chronic throat infections, commonly labeled “strep,” can also be a serious problem in children. Pediatricians will frighten you with tales of scarlet fever, from insufficient treatment of strep throat. I suffered from this almost constantly, through childhood and on into my teenage years (but less often). This very chronic problem ended with my first chiropractic adjustment.

My son, Abraham, who was adjusted from birth, never had these problems. It might be a good idea to read the whole family story.

The Medical Approach

The pediatrician looks in the ear, looks in the throat, takes the temperature, and prescribes antibiotics. (Research now shows that excessive use of antibiotics during childhood can lead to chronic diseases later on. As an example: Reuters Health reports on an American Journal of Epidemiology article this month – A history of using antibiotics more than 10 times in childhood increases the likelihood of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) by 80%, according to the largest population-based case-control study to date of NHL risk and medication use.) Yes, there can be serious consequences from too much antibiotic.

When the antibiotics stop working, the pediatrician may order surgery, tubes to be put into your child’s ear.  More risks, and often little result. So far, no one has asked “why?”

Why Chiropractic?

Nature needs no help... just no interference

Nature needs no help… just no interference


Chiropractors do not treat ear infections, throat infections or any infection. We correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), allowing your child’s body to function better, including better immune function and better lymphatic drainage. It’s simple, really.

If your child suffers from chronic ear or throat infections, get him or her checked here, and adjusted. Your child will not get healthier from drugs, ever. The same wonderful Innate Intelligence that formed your child from one fertilized egg, is still at work! Chiropractic allows a better expression of that Innate Intelligence, which will help your child… physically, mentally, and socially.





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