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Chiropractic For Children

Children who receive chiropractic care.

Kids who get adjusted regularly grow up healthier!

Some folks are shocked by the thought of kids needing and getting chiropractic care. Well, if you’re like most parents, you want the best for your kids. You want then to grow up to be as healthy and happy as possible, to be all they can be. That… is why they should be adjusted and checked, on a regular basis, from birth, on.

Birth? Yes. THE most traumatic event we go through, for most of us, is getting born. AS much as the modern medical birth process is difficult for mom, it’s harder for baby. It is estimated that the torsion and pull of normal birth is between 70 and 140 lbs. Imagine if someone pulled on your adult neck with that force! And that’s normal birth, Forceps and vacuum extraction are much more traumatic.  So, most all of us begin our lives with significant Vertebral Subluxation Complex. From that point on, we are limited in our expression of Life. You don’t want your kids to be limited, do you?

Then come the tens of thousands of falls from learning to walk and play, falls off bicycles, play structures, etc. There’s sports injuries, emotional stresses, and chemical challenges, from excess sugar to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Each of these things can cause further subluxation.

Parents have brought their children to me with colic, ADHD, other learning and behavioral problems, “growing pains,” sports injuries, chronic ear and throat infections, bed-wetting, even “failure to thrive.”

babies-allThe same Innate Intelligence that brought together sperm and egg, to become, in about nine months, your baby, continues on in your child. My goal, as your child’s chiropractor, is to make sure that there is as little interference (VSC) as possible, allowing that same Innate Intelligence to express itself fully, so that your child can grow up better… physically, mentally and socially. Ultimately, this means better expression of his or her genetic potential!