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Chiropractic is NOT a treatment for asthma. Nor is it a treatment for anything else. However, people do come to me with asthma, and they bring in their kids, who have asthma. After my wife was adjusted for the first time, she was freed from a lifetime of asthma.

Child with asthma and inhaler

Drugs may temporarily reduce symptoms but ignore any underlying nerve disturbance.

Asthma is basically an auto-immune disease, the tubes to the lungs becoming hypersensitive, making it difficult to breath. So, two of the body’s systems are not functioning properly, the respiratory system and the immune system. What controls these two systems? Your nervous system.

Medical Care?

Medical care consists of drugs to suppress the overactive immune system, and anti-inflammatories to suppress the normal inflammatory reaction to asthma. These drugs provide some measure of control of asthma, with certain drugs for “attacks.” Severe attacks may require trips to the emergency room. (Some attacks can be life-threatening.) None of this provides a cure. None of this addresses the cause. All of this involves risk of dangerous side effects, both short and long term.

Then, there’s the professionally irresponsible policy of pediatricians loading up kids with extra meds so that they can play sports that they really shouldn’t be playing until they are reasonable healthy. I’d say that this is like turning off a fire alarm, but, it’s really much worse. It is throwing gasoline on the fire!

asthmaChiropractic Care

Interference to the nervous system, Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), is corrected through gentle, specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, allowing the immune and the respiratory systems to heal, to begin to function more normally. Many people, adults and children, have been able to dump their asthma meds, and live healthier lives.

Like everything else, the lungs, and the immune system, do not operate by themselves. Everything effects everything. And better health, from a better functioning nervous system, effects everything for the better.

 Call our practice and let’s discuss the possibilities.