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harmacyAre Genetics Important in Health and Disease?

Not so much. Not nearly as important as most people think.

Strikingly, genetics is not nearly as important as what the medical guys make it out to be. There is this obsession with “family history.” Now there is genetic testing. Besides making people unnecessarily worried, the MD’s sometimes take the opportunity to prescribe drugs, on a LIFETIME BASIS, for what they call “prevention.” All the while, people will develop real sickness from long-term exposure to these dangerous drugs.


The most egregious of the genetic frenzy is when surgeons remove healthy breasts from women that have the genes that may predispose them to breast cancer. This is sick!


The real science now is in epigenetics, the EXPRESSION of genes. Most genes give you a range of expression. Where… how you express those genes depends upon how you live your life… how you eat, how you rest, how you think, exercise, etc. THE most important factor in the proper expression of genes is a properly functioning nervous system. For that, for correcting interference to that master system, you go to the chiropractor.

The culture of Medicine includes a mindset that you have to accept your limitations, with their lame excuses, and rely upon Medicine to merely be maintained.


Want better? Get adjusted. Simple. Chiropractic is NOT about back pain relief! (Can you get that? Sure, but it’s just a very nice side effect. The real point of Chiropractic is to liberate your nervous system, which allows your Innate expression to better express your genetic potential. THINK how important that is for children as they grow and develop? Yes, it’s important for us adults, too. Adjusting

Don Harte, D.C.

Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

Liberator of Innate

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