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“A diagnosis and two bucks will get you a small cup of coffee.” – D. Harte, D.C.

“I just need to find out what it is.” I have heard this so many times in so many ways. Why? Has there been some conditioning, some, perhaps, brain-washing, towards the rites of Medicine? How far have they lead you to the Trough of Disease? How far have they lead you away from the pursuit of Health?

Diagnosis is the Holy Grail of Medicine. After all, it is the first half of the definition of Medicine, which is… the diagnosis and treatment of disease. If you are going to treat something, attack something, you better know what it is that you are treating/attacking. Not that they are always so particular. There was a day when M.D.’s did “antibiotic sensitivity” tests. Now, they just take a shot. They “try this” and “try that,” and they call what they do science. I remember listening to a radio show on “health,” about twenty years ago, back in the glory days of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). There were no solid diagnoses. Women were calling in to the OB-GYN with questions. “More estrogen for this.” “Less progesterone in that case.” In the end, he said “You add a little here, take away a little there. It’s kind of like cooking.” (And they call this science?) But, usually, they like a nice name for what they are treating.

Some names are without purpose at all, because they are simply English to Latin translations. “Arthritis” merely means inflamed joint. The joint hurts because it’s inflamed. So, the patient knows this, that his/her joint hurts. The diagnosis of “arthritis” gives credence to the complaint, gives credence to the doctor, justifies usage of powerful, dangerous drugs, and brings with it the baggage of “There’s nothing anyone can do.” “Fibromyalgia?’ “Fibro” is connective tissue. “My” means muscle. “Algia” is pain. So, a word, a diagnosis is coined that simply means that one hurts all over. Can’t get more non-specific than that.

Diagnosis of infections? If a cold is bad enough to send someone to the doctor, it will usually be diagnosed ad the flu. Testing? No. In many cases, it’s not even viral.

Diagnosis of mental disorders? The psychiatric diagnostic code book is full of normal pieces of the human condition, that are arbitrarily “diagnosed,” or, if I may coin a word, “pathologized.” Normal grief from the passing of a loved one is now classified as a disease… depression, and is treated with anti-depressants, allegedly to correct a “biochemical imbalance” that cannot be tested for. Perhaps this year’s special will be RDD, “Recession Dysmorphic Disorder.” Sometimes, simple, common problems are upgraded by upgrading the diagnosis. PMS is now PMDD, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. This brings on the “need” for a drug called Serafem, which is Prozac, in pink pills. (I am not making this up.) Then, with kids, the psychiatric diagnosing becomes absolutely ridiculous, with catastrophic consequences. A bratty kid now has ODD, oppositional defiant disorder. Boys that act like, well, boys, can be classified as ADHD, and medicated with Ritalin and similar forms of legal “speed.” Now, two year olds are put on SSRI’s (drugs like Prozac) because some psycho in a white coat diagnosed clinical depression. From getting weird from the SSRI’s, some kids are now getting the more sophisticated diagnosis of bi-polar, and are being put on anti-psychotics before the age of five. This is science? This is assault!

Diagnosis? The word can be divided into two parts. “Di” means two. “Agnosis,” like the word “agnostic,” means an unsureness. So, we have two people unsure, the doctor and the patient.

While getting a diagnosis gives many a sense of security, if they knew the rate of accuracy, they wouldn’t feel so secure. The best way to be absolutely sure of a diagnosis? Autopsy. Diagnostic accuracy was once put to the test at the Mayo Clinic. Turned out that here, at arguably one of the best medical facilities in the world, diagnosis was correct a little less than half the time… 49%. What do you think the percentage is at Kaiser?

Even if the diagnosis is correct, attacking the thing does nothing for the cause.

When you get adjusted, you correct cause, allowing your Innate Intelligence to “diagnose” and to “treat,” as only Innate can.

D, Harte, D.C.

Marin Straight Chiropractor



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