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Choice, Science and Society

The restriction of the practice of Medicine to one class of men is but a fragment of the monarchy.
Benjamin Rush, M.D., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

Some years ago, I read an article in a scientific journal about the rise of what the author dubbed the “Pharmocracy,” or the rule/control of society by Big Pharma, the big pharmaceutical companies. For many, I had been publishing a newsletter for my fellow chiropractors, that I call “The Harte of Chiropractic.” Many times, I have made reference to the Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental, or the PMG, Complex.

Think about it. The pharmaceutical corporations are, by far, the most profitable of all industries. They have special protection against profit liability for their most gangerous products. They are given exceedingly generous patent protections, after almost all the basic science research for their products has been done at public (taxpayers’) expense. Their “watchdog” is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, who relies solely on research provided to them by the drug companies. The executives of the FDA and the drugs companies regularly migrate from one to the other. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) funnels its taxpayer-supported research to the drug companies for their profit. Medical schools are increasingly being funded by drug companies, doctors are given cash “stipends” while their prescription-writing habits are tracked by Big Pharma’s computers. Every level of government has a “public health” department, which is really a “public medicine” department. Government (public) schools tell parents what to do with their kids’ health care. There’s even a “Surgeon General.” All the while, press releases from drug companies are printed, virtually word for word, in the media, as if it was actual news. And… everyone believes in the Next medical Miracle.

Along time ago, before the rise of Big Pharma and the AMA, there was choice, two competing schools of medicine, homeopathic and allopathic. (Allopathic means “against disease,” or fighting disease, basically making conditions in the body so miserable that even the germs don’t want to be there. This is what we now, generically, refer to as “Medicine.”)

Medicine has, over the years, developed a mythology that its advances have advanced life span. Frankly, most of that can easily be attributed to better nutrition and vastly improved public hygiene (cleaner food and water supplies, better sanitation, etc.) Perhaps the Nobel Prize for this should have gone to an Englishman, Edward Crapper. He invented the flush toilet.

With more and more sophisticated tools, more and more what looks like science, Medicine has sought to manipulate biological processes. They produce “results,” but not cures. And, these cures come at a terrible price. They say “The Cure is right around the corner… a few more years… a few more billion dollars.” And society believes.

at what pointIs high tech high science? Not necessarily. The ultimate high tech is the Innate Intelligence contained in every living thing, that took you from one fertilized egg to between 25 and 40 quadrillion cells, all perfectly formed and functioning, unless there is interference. Chiropractors remove interference, to allow the ultimate high tech to do its thing called Health.

When will society collectively open its eyes? When will all, or nearly all people come to realize thatr Health does not come from a bottle of pills or a surgeon’s knife? (Health only comes from Above-down, Inside-out.) When will it be “normal” to go to a chiropractor, and “abnormal” not to?
I don’t know the answer, but you can start with yourself, and your family and friends. EVERYONE with a spine and a nervous system needs regular, wellness chiropractic care to restore and maintain health.

Be Well,

Dr. Don Harte

Marin Straight Chiropractoc


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