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“Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.” – Albert Einstein


You can keep on going to your medical specialists, covered by Medicare or other insurance, and keep getting what you’re getting. Over time, the best that can happen is nothing. You will be stuck with the same symptoms,same pain, same drugs. More likely, over time, you will get worse, from two directions. (1) your disease or injury will naturally progress, and/or (2) you will suffer adverse effects from drugs and/or surgical or other procedures.

So many times, people who have been butchered in various orthopedic surgeries have told me that they went for it because it was “covered.”So, their lives got ruined, but it was free, or almost free. Madness!

So many times, in fact, several times a week, people call me up and, without even saying “hello,” ask if I take insurance. Besides being somewhat rude, this is not the best way to pick a doctor of any kind, especially a chiropractor. When this happens, I tell those people “Absolutely not!” I explain that any chiropractor on those insurance lists, any chiropractor taking Medicare, is definitely in the lower ranks of the field. For many of these plans, I wouldn’t even qualify, because I perform neurological scans and X-rays. The last thing that they want is scientific evidence. In order to bill insurance companies or Medicare, a chiropractor must use codes to denote that they are diagnosing, and codes to denote that they are treating. Real chiropractors neither diagnose nor treat. (Diagnosis and treatment is the practice of Medicine. Chiropractic is fundamentally different.) The chiropractors who “take insurance” are acting as third-rate medical back doctors, not chiropractors.

Many people have been to several chiropractors who have “taken” their insurance, with poor results. So, don’t expect to find another one to take your insurance, and, all of a sudden, get good results. Another Einstein quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You paid little, and got less. Not here!

DISCONNECTION: There’s the underlying moral problem with third-party pay. No one knows what anything costs, and no one cares. Hospitals, doctors, and ANY chiropractors who take your insurance work for who pays them… the insurance companies… the government… not you. See something wrong there? Me? I work for you. No one else!

Here, at THE HARTE OF CHIROPRACTIC, you will come to understand and appreciate that your level of health, or lack of it, now, and in the future, depends upon how your brain and nervous system functions, or not. You ARE your nervous system. I take this… your spine, your nervous system, your health, your life… very, very seriously.This fundamental difference will soon be obvious to you. And it will make a profound difference to the level of your present and future health.

Dr Don Harte

Marin County Straight Chiropractor

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  1. john g . says
    May 10, 2019 at 2:09 AM

    higher wisdom will guide you to the truth, first we must be searching for it. stay out of the mind, and follow your spirit with desire and intention. the truth will reveal itself. amen;

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