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BEWARE the Vaccine

People are lining up for the new Covid-19 vaccine. Fights are coming as to who’s going to be first. This is madness!

Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, vaccines are not to be trusted. They all contain neuro and immunotoxins… poisons. (OK, it’s “accepted,” but poison is poison.) Vaccination perverts normal immune response, creating chronic inflammation in your body.

This vaccine is totally novel in its delivery. It uses/fools your own genetic machinery, so it’s effects can be passed down. It utilizes an adenovirus that gives monkeys a cold. What could go wrong? The last time a monkey virus was in a vaccine was by accident. The earliest polio vaccines, in the early 1950’s, were contaminated with SV-40, which is believed to have caused brain cancer in thousands. The point is that the “experts” have no idea what the short and long-term side effects will be. Who wants to be Big Pharma’s guinea pig?

Already, some of the first vaccine recipients have had anaphylactoid (life-threatening allergic) reactions. During the testing phase, there were reports of MS and transverse myelitis. All for a disease that has a very low mortality rate. You believe that 300,000 dead figure? It’s Panic Porn. How come the CDC reports “all-cause” deaths to be LOWER in 2020 than in 2019?

Your health has already been damaged by masking, anti-social distancing and lockdowns, causing many extreme financial distress/ruin. “They” have, so far successfully, convinced you that you have no immune system. Think on how dumb that message is! A reasonable approach to a better immune system? Eat well, exercise, sunshine, manage stress (really difficult now) and get your nervous system, which runs your immune system, liberated, through chiropractic care.

Don Harte, D.C.

Corte Madera

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