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Alzheimer's and other dementias... and Chiropractic

Alzheimer’s and other dementias? You’ve been told that these devastating conditions are an inevitable result of “people living longer. What a crock!

“They’ talk to us like we have no memories. But we do! Think back to when you were a kid. Think back to your grandparents, you great-aunts and uncles, and older neighbors. OK. maybe they got a little forgetful, but no one ever forgot who to get dressed, how to clean themselves. No one couldn’t identify their own spouse, their own children. Am I right? But now, it’s an epidemic! Why?

I blame to common medical care, that’s supposed to be good for you. Several reasons. Medicine’s abnormal blood pressure normals? They expect you, in your 60’s. 70’s. 80’s, 90’s to have the blood pressure of a teenager. This is stupid! So they chemically manipulate your blood pressure to get it there. Now, you don’t have enough blood pressure to nourish the brain. There’s the statins, the cholesterol drugs, to, allegedly, prevent heart attacks and strokes. (They don’t.) What they do do is interfere with cholesterol in the body, which is a main constituent of myelin, the substance that forms the sheaths around the nerves. A great deal of your brain is myelin. Hmmm. Then, there’s years of psychotropic drugs, the antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics. Years of antihistamines can effect the brain, as well. The there’s the blood thinners, allegedly to prevent strokes. But they can CAUSE the other kind of stroke, hemorrhagic, or bleeding strokes. Before one of those major events, you could have multiple areas of bleeding in the brain. And there’s all the surgeries, most of them unnecessary. Every time you go under general aesthesia, realize that that is a state of chemically induced near-death. And on it goes.

So staying away from a lot of “standard” medical care might be what they would call “preventative.”

Even better is to pursue Health. In Chiropractic, we liberate the brain and nervous system, allowing everything to function at a higher level. Common sense. But common sense is most uncommon in medical care.

Dr. Don Harte

Marin ChiropractorHuxley-Medical options

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