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9/11/2015: Facing Evil and Good

Yes, today, 9/11/15, is the 14th anniversary of that barbaric attack upon our country, resulting in the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans. Besides the fact that we should, as Americans, take a moment to mark this solemn occasion, there are some points that I wish to make to you, involving the meaning of this day, and what we are about, here, at THE HARTE OF CHIROPRACTIC.

The day after the tragedy, miraculously, hundreds of chiropractors showed up at the three sites, with portable tables in hand, ready to serve. (At the Pentagon, they were kept away due to security reasons. At that hallowed field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania (the 9/11 memorial for that site was dedicated yesterday), there was nothing for these chiropractors to do, as there were no survivors.)

Relief centers were opened up near Ground Zero, where people, some who had never heard of Chiropractic, lined up to get adjusted… firemen, police officers, federal, state and local emergency officials, demolition workers, and relief volunteers. Knowing what you know about Chiropractic, you can imagine how many future cancers and other terrible diseases were averted for these people, from all of the toxins in the air, and from those very real toxins in their hearts.

Soon after, I went to the Red Cross office in San Rafael to give them a check. I met the manager, who had just come back from Ground Zero. He told me that the lines for chiropractic adjustments were longer than the lines for food!

A friend and colleague of mine, who I went to chiropractic college with, was one of those chiropractic volunteers. He was my go-to friend for the latest jokes. This experience took all of the fun and the laughter out of him. He was changed.

There were four people from Marin amongst the dead. One was John Keohone, a San Marin High School graduate (then living in New Jersey), knew what service was about. He helped a friend with multiple sclerosis escape the destruction, only to be hit with falling debris and killed.

I know that many choose not to face the fact that there is evil in the world, and only good can stand up to it. I know that you have heard me rail against the non-science, the arrogance and the indifference of Medicine countless times. I do not consider your local doctor or pharmacist evil. They are mere cogs in the machine that is the PMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental) Complex. But those at the top of Big Pharma, and those government agencies such as the FDA and the CDC, and those state and federal legislators who seek to line us all up as unwilling medical consumers/guinea pigs… they are EVIL. To a far lesser extent, those chiropractors who do not speak out about this, and who fail to teach and practice the HOPE that Chiropractic truly is, are evil, by omission.

Today, 9/11/15, seven days before the 120th birthday of Chiropractic, is a time to reflect upon doing good in the face of evil… this evil that people experience from dangerous drugs and risky surgery…. that results in untold suffering and untimely death. And the evil done, on a biological basis, when people you know remain without good and normal connection between nervous system and body, resulting in dis-ease… a lack of harmony… that leads to minor to life-threatening disease, and , at the very least, impeded their full expression of Life.

Go and do good, today. Tell them. No one else will.

The Innate in me blesses the Innate in you,

Dr Harte

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