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2021: The REALLY Oppressed Minority

There is so much talk about various oppressed minorities. As un-PC as it is, I find much of this vulgar and just plain wrong. But I will not go into this right now. You want to know my personal feelings, based upon my personal experiences, you can ask me.

The forces that preach tolerance, these days, have none. This is true politically. This is also true, exceedingly true, in matters of health a disease. This has been coming for a very long time, but has reached an apogee during this pseudo-Plague. (Getting offended already? You make my point.) The very nature of Science is to question. When one cannot do so, Science ceases to exist. It becomes a truncheon to be wielded, freely, by those “scientists” who are following the Party line, and all the politicians and social activists who enforce conformity.

It has long been assumed that Medicine is the be-all and end-all of health care. Even that term, “health care,” which has been slowly popularized in the last couple of decades, is fraudulent on its face. Health is NOT the absence of disease, and certainly not the absence of obvious, symptomatic disease. Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury. Nothing to do with health. On the other hand, the clear aim of Chiropractic is health. Chiropractic, by the chiropractic adjustment, corrects interference (vertebral subluxation) to the brain and nervous system, which controls and coordinates every system, organ, tissue and cell in the body, and adapts it to its environment. This allows the body to heal, to function better, from Above-down, Inside-out.

It has long been assumed that Chiropractic, and chiropractors, and grossly inferior to Medicine and medical doctors. This is a stupid assumption. Two different professions, with two distinctly different intentions. Apples and oranges.

Mad Don

I have been called a quack more times than I can remember. (I am well aware that there have been hundreds of instances of my dear Practice Members trying to help friends and family, with Chiropractic, and they have gotten abuse and derision for their trouble.) But I have brought health and joy maybe 10,000 more times than that. But last week, I was called something new. I was called a “terrorist.”

I was leaving a store, not wearing the government-directed mask or face covering. A young man yelled at me: “Put on your damn mask.” I said “No. He said (excuse the vulgarity… it was his): “What the f*** is wrong with you?” I called him a “mask Nazi.” Then, he called me a terrorist. I saw his fists ball up and his face go red. Surely, he would have assaulted me if he hadn’t been so afraid of getting the Covid cooties.

Go look at the top of my Facebook page. Fuhrer Zuckerberg has placed a warning there. Anything against the Covid-19 Party Line (the “Covidian cult?), and you’re in trouble. That goes for anything against mandatory vaccination, as well. No one has challenged any of my positions on the fake Plague or the very serious dangers of vaccination, or the dangers to liberty in either case. They just call names.

They say “Follow the science.” Then why don’t these nasty people challenge what I have to say, in some sort of intellectual manner?

THE REAL OPPRESSED MINORITY, right now, in 2021, consists of those who question the hegemony of Medicine, and government oppression by Medicine. Sure, it’s me and other principled chiropractors. It is other health care practitioners who question. Check out the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by tens of thousands of medical professionals. (They, too, are silenced by the compliant media.) It is the parents who object to being forced to vaccinate their children with obviously toxic substances. It is those who, now, wish to see their parents or grandparents in a nursing home, and they are forbidden to hug them. It is those who, now, are going out of business because of unconstitutional actions by idiot state and local governments, and all their unemployed employees and their families. It is those who get out of breath wearing the damn mask, but they have to to keep their job. It is those who just don’t want to wear the mask, who object to ANTI-social distancing, who want an immediate return to normal life, who object to Medical Nazism. (You think that that’s far-fetched? New York State is in the process of passing a bill that will set up internment camps.) And when this insanely dangerous vaccine becomes necessary to get on a plane or get a license?

The Covidians, and the rest of the medical extremists don’t believe that we get a choice. Have they forgotten the lesson of Nuremburg? Has everyone forgotten what science is, what liberty is? We are the oppressed minority!

I, for one, have not and will not take it. You?



Don Harte, D.C.

Straight chiropractor, Corte Madera, Marin, California

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