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As the Holiday Craziness begins, with the weird occurrence of a simultaneous Thanksgiving and Hannukah*, followed by Christmas, and then New Year’s, everyone gets BUSY, even FRANTIC.

Families get together, which is nice, hopefully. But there is a sad component. As families gather, or even as they prepare to gather, you begin to hear the horror stories of sickness and pain. {The rest of this paragraph is hypothetical, so you get the idea.} Cousin Joe’s son was diagnosed with ADHD, and is now on Ritalin and Zyprexa. He stopped growing, and they’re worried about his heart… at eight years old! Grandma just had her second hip replaced. The first one, six years ago, went smoothly, but this time she got osteomyelitis (infection in the bone), and from the heavy-duty antibiotics, her kidneys are failing. Your sister-in-law, who’s been even more depressed with her anti-depressants, just got Amblify, an anti-psychotic, added to her daily drug load. You’re beginning to worry about how she can take care of her kids. Your other grandmother is in the hospital from a bleeding stroke, from the meds she was given for her clotting stroke. Doesn’t look good. And your favorite uncle will be coming to Thanksgiving with a walker, because he had a “slipped disk,” and had a laminectomy and fusion. Of course, he’s worse than ever… horrible pain.

Then, others are talking about their best friend just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and the neighbor’s kid with diabetes, and the kid across the street with autism. And, yes, she did go to the pediatrician the day before, when she was normal.

You want to yell STOP!!! Realize that all of these people, people you know and love, are subluxated infidels. They have no idea how the body works. They think that getting sick is just bad luck. They are thoroughly convinced of the medical creed, that we are born with a deficiency of drugs, and an excess of organs. You know that they more they go to the doctor, the more tests they get, the more drugs they get, the more surgeries they get…THE SICKER THEY ARE.

You, from the knowledge and experience that you have gotten being a Practice Member here, know better. You know what they… the subluxated infidels… think, is NUTS! AND… those subluxated infidels think that they have no choice, that there are no other options.

So, in this time of NICE-NICE for the Holidays, isn’t it time to be nice enough to tell them the truth???

Those who live reasonably locally, tell me about them, and tell them about me and Chiropractic. Get them here BEFORE Christmas, so they can begin to heal. People who put it off never get here.

For those who live far away, tell them about Chiropractic. Get them to my website. Do what you can to get them to look for a straight chiropractor where they live. If they need advice, if they have questions, I am happy to make myself available, by either email or phone. It’s my way of ADJUSTING THE WORLD.

Oh, and for those new folks you refer who get started here before Christmas, there will be something special, some special savings, as I dust off my Santa-Jester hat.

Thank you!

Be well

Don Harte, D.C.

The Maccabee of Chiropractic

 *Did the Pilgrims wear a yarmulke under those funny Pilgrim hats?

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